Oh Deer, MoMo

I finally finished it! YAY!

Do you remember this one, Freebird?

Well it has been really popular in my booth for the last couple of shows. The problem is that this line of fabric is a few years old..hard to find. It is so interesting and nice colors. So I thought I would get MoMo’s new line and make a new quilt with fabrics that are readily available. Now I have to say I love all MoMo fabrics….but the freebird has been by far my Favorite…that one cut is just so me. The “OH DEER” is more sweet and gentle like…a walk in the woods.

I of course just wanted to bring all of the elements of the fabric to life. I also added words…I love words…I love that years down the road when I may not be around to show everyone/anyone where those words are….they might be a treasure for someone who stumbles upon them. Can I just say how much I love Cheater quilts? They are becoming an addiction for me.

You can but this line of fabric here….that’s where I bought mine.






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