New Years Goals

So since thinking about this last week..On Christmas day I started reading “The Happiness Project” ….you will see later that starting books is something I do often…but then they sit for awhile. But I am totally addicted to this book and I am going to finish it…..But a few nights a go I read {in the book} a quote that really spoke to me. ( I am including it in my Quote quilt for sure!)

“We are happy when we are growing”

How many times do we strive to attain this goal…this pinnacle moment in our lives and it’s not all it was cracked up to be?….or it didn’t seem that important after all? We strive to make more money…then we spend more money. We think our lives will be transformed and all of our problems will go away after we lose our extra weight…..if we only had a bigger house..ect ..ect.

Why is that? It’s because the lessons happen while we are growing into it…..whatever said goal is.

So once we attain it..we are already satisfied. This is why I am a goal setter. I am always striving for betterment. No matter what the subject is within myself. I have learned a few years ago that it is best to refine things that I am good at rather than focus on what I am not good at. There is a reason why we are gifted with certain talents and abilities. Can we operate outside of those things? Sure. Absolutely we have to…but why stress about it. We need to own our attributes and focus on good things.

I have been saying this to myself all along…that it was really about the “journey” and that simple quote really did put it all into perspective for me….I am a person who is truly happy when she is growing. It’s the training, the doing, the living, the learning……it’s not the goal. The goal is a bonus. It’s proof of the lessons ( or growth). In most cases it’s not even comparable to the lessons we learned along the way…it’s just icing.

I also watched a program with Jack Canfield the other day and he said something that resonated within me.

“If you can dream it, You can do it”

He said he doesn’t believe you have the ability to even dream it if you can’t achieve that dream.

This discussion gave me goosebumps. Tears even welled up for me. I am not sure why? I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Believe me ~so many of my dreams have come true….and I already feel like one of the most blessed people on the planet just by escaping so much. But to think that anything is still possible for me? 38 years old…..well it’s just amazing and beautiful…..and I believe it. That’s why it gave me such a physical reaction.  That’s why it’s resonating. The things that touch our souls…the minute you hear it or see it…it’s truth. Undeniable truth.

There has been a dream of mine swirling in my head for a few years….a few friends have brought it up ..but I haven’t let myself be vulnerable enough to actually work for it. Maybe this will be my time. I don’t know?

I also watched a program with that Swimmer Diana Nyad…she was 62 years old before she decided not to let a dream escape her. Every specialist in her field told her what she was going to do wasn’t possible …especially at her age. Yet…she did it. She was not an olympian….She was out of the game for 30 years….and she trained for years ….and completed the task in her 60’s…something that people half her age cannot do. All she did ( by her own words) is BELIEVE. She did a whole lot of work as well…but belief was at the heart of that! Faith & belief are so important.

I feel so inspired by these people..and there is a truth in this. “If we can dream it-We can do it. ” {This quote is also going in my quilt.}

Another thing that I have been reading and hearing is that you absolutely need to write down your goals. Be specific with your goals. If you are not specific you will fail…..because you need to define them …it makes it easier to accomplish.

I truly believe in a vision board. Even if you don’t look at the board everyday……it’s amazing how it works. I have done this and everything on my list/board came to me throughout the year in unexpected ways. Even after I had long forgot about them . So What I am really saying is now is the time. Invest in yourself.

How long are we going to sit on our goals, dreams and stiffle ourselves?

I beg you all to take an afternoon and write some things down for 2016. They can be material things, personal reflections….anything. It’s all about the exercise and discipline. Even with superficial things that you may want…when they come to you…you will believe in the discipline and that’s really all that you need. I am sure of that.

Yes, It’s that time, My list. I brought this up last week. (or more) and I have really been thinking about what I want to do…It may change. I am reading some books. But I think I have a good start. There are a few things that I really want to incorporate in my schedule…just because for so long I have been working so many days a week that I have not been able to do things that I really love to do ….so I have a list of 5 things that I am going to make an effort to do …just because I want to. I think these things will make me happy….and take me back to the basics of me.  These aren’t going to be challenging except for time management. I need to be “myself”~ Charisma.

1.daily devotions/Bible readings.

There is no reason I can’t dedicate time to this everyday …in a routine. Whether it’s in my headphones or sitting & reading for 10-15 minutes. It’s too important not to do this.

2. 1 new experience a month

I need to get our of my comfort zone. I need to try something new. It can be big or little things. I just need to make an effort to do or try something new.

3. Take 3 classes in 2016 on something other than sewing or quilting.

I am not going to be strict with myself as far as what qualifies as a class. But I am going to make myself branch out. I have discovered that I love classes. I knew that after attending college. But more than that,  a year ago I started pottery and I have discovered that I love broadening my horizons, meeting new people and challenging myself. So I am thinking about a creative writing class, a self help class, an art class…I don’t really know yet. But I know whatever it is …it will be challenging to me. I want to see ordinary everyday things in a different way .

I actually signed up for a Semester with Brene Brown. On O’Courses. I was going to do her creative class…..but decided to do the tougher one.

4. Pamper myself more. Big & little things. I used to be really good at this….I have gotten away from it. I just don’t make time for these things. How much time does a pedicure take? I deserve to have one every once in awhile.

5. read 1 book a month. (or finish one of the many I have started). I use to be a book worm. Seriously. I love reading. But I just don’t make a lot of time for things I love anymore and reading is one of them. I am going to pick up this habit again.

In fact I will give you all reviews on the books I am reading. I mostly read self help books. It was such a problem that my therapist told me to take a break from them….maybe that’s why I quit reading. LOL. But I am going to add in some fun reading.


These next 5 things are going to challenge me, Personally. It will take an effort on my part to complete them. I wanted meaningful mindful things to do to make me live in the moment and be aware of “right now” or “the ripple effect”

6. Say “yes” to something every week that you really want to say “no”. I mean this in the way of that I am pretty selfish with my time….and I miss out on experiences just because I like being home in my own space. I won’t compromise my beliefs or anything like that…..There are plenty of times I could go to a kid event or say Yes to something my husband asks of me….So I am challenging myself to say Yes…in those “No” moments ->so that I can live in the moment. I think this will be really difficult for me. We get asked to do things with people all of the time…and we just don’t go…..we like being at home with our family.

7. Every time I voice a complaint about something…..I am going to physically write down 3 blessings that I have …..I am going to keep this pile in one location and hold myself accountable. I am either going to have a HUGE stack of blessings …or learn not to complain. 🙂

I think I am actually going to make a pretty jar or something to store these in. Hopefully it doesn’t need to be big?

8. Do 1 good deed for a stranger each month.

This doesn’t seem like such a big deal ….it wasn’t before… but now that we are such homebodies we aren’t out in our community as much and we have gotten away from what we used to do on a regular basis. So I am going to concentrate on this.

9. Say 1 good thing to myself in the mirror everyday.

This seems like it should be no big deal. But it actually is for me. just writing it here makes me feel vulnerable. So I am really going to try and change the inner dialogue in my head. I have to create a habit of this. SO I will practice in the mirror once everyday.

10. Write & mail a letter or card to one person each week. This could be someone I know or don’t know. I just want to be in the act of service with my words. In a loving way of course. I think of so many people so often and I don’t actually write anything down or make contact..when I know that I should. When I don’t follow through with that ….I beat myself up because I know I am being called to do that. So I am going to set aside time for that each week. I don’t have this long list of people …but I know it will come to me in the right time. ( so if you have a military person or somebody who needs a little lift..please forward me the info and I will write them.:) )


Of course my fitness goals and health goals are added to this list….that goes without saying…I think. I think  all of these are  quite  lofty goals for 2016.  But they are manageable.

So some of these are just going to be come habits that I will have to consciously work on…..some will be acts of love that I need to focus on for myself or others. I don’t know where any of this will lead. I don’t know how any of this will impact me…or anyone around me.

There is no way to predict anything. Maybe it will just make me feel full and happy inside.

That will be enough.

Rob and I are taking a few vacations this year as well. We don’t do that nearly enough. We are taking an Alaskan cruise in may before his hectic work schedule starts…and we are going to Vegas for his work conference in the fall. I am also hoping to sign up for a Disneyland Half marathon…so if that goes through we will be doing that in the fall as well…hopefully with our family.  That’s a whole load of fun and new experiences for us. Rob and I need to spend more quality time together as we approach the empty nest years.

I am going to make regular updates on my blog to tell you when I accomplish a task or what the outcome was….so you can keep up on my progress. Please hold me accountable. ask me questions. I love that! I think I am going to make a table graph to check off and make it easier to hold myself accountable.

Please share some of your goals with me. I would love to hear what some others are doing. It helps to inspire us all.

Happy New Years!





7 thoughts on “New Years Goals

  1. What a wonderful post. You should be a professional writer- you are THAT good 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about what I want for the New Year as well.
    One thing I’ve started focusing on is making my
    home chemical free. That led to examining all the stuff I use on my body, like soaps, lotions, etc that are loaded with chemicals. So… I’m going to learn to make soap and try to use only natural products as much as possible. I bought some awesome shampoo and conditioner on Etsy. A lot of people are making wonderful natural products.
    That’s just one thing on my mind for now. I will keep you posted and keep up the writing hon!

    1. Hi Sue,
      I started making all of my own cleaning supplies in 2014 as well. It was amazing how much money I saved…and our allergies went down by a million times. I have thought about going all natural when it comes to my body…..which I know will help with lots of different things. But having a difficult time letting go of some of my favorite things. Let me know how the process goes for you…..I will be anxious to hear what changes you notice.
      Many blessings for the new year.

  2. Charisma, you continually amaze me. Bless your heart, you are so wise and dedicated to being your true self. I applaud and admire you, and send you lots of prayers to stick to your goals. I wish more young people were like you. Do consider publishing some of your writing, as it has so much wisdom and truth in it that can inspire others. I encourage you to check out the “Hay House” on line and see some of the writers/speakers there. Dr. Christiane Northrup is one of them I think you will like.
    Sending you my love and support, and big bunches of admiration. Roberta

  3. Well Charisma, You inspired my husband and I to do the Dave Ramsey finance thing…We got the book and workbook and are very excited to straighten out our debt. Thank you for sharing what you did. I have been asking my husband for over 20 years to do something like this. It’s a miracle! And you are part of that. I wanted to let you know that!
    I love that you are training for a 1/2 marathon. I did one walking with 2 broken toes. But I finished it and loved every minute of it.
    1.My goal is to become a Nutritarian again. I feel 100% better when I am. I have been way too lazy.
    2. Finish up some projects (quilts)
    3. work out every day that I feel healthy & not hurting.
    4. not to be discouraged that no one I know wants to exercise and do it any way, because I am worth it.
    5. Train for another 1/2 marathon.

    These are just a few things I need to accomplish. Thank you Charisma for sharing your goals with us!
    God bless you!

    1. Hi Tootsie,
      I am so happy for you. God prompted me to start that journey in 2014. I am so glad that I did. a few of my friends started at the same time. All of us are happy we did it and continue to be amazed at what happens when you follow the plan.
      He has a daily show, podcasts ect. So you can listen to him daily. I bought the software for 20$ and it was the best money I have ever spent.
      I love your list! I will be giving updates on my progress this yer..feel free to share any tips or progress that you are making in your training. I will be your virtual partner. 🙂 many blessings!

  4. I would love to receive your blog. This is such a good one. You are very insightful and thanks for sharing your heart.

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