New Year’s Eve 2016-> Welcome 2017

Well it’s that time of year..some people make new years resolutions….you all know me by now. I don’t like those. I don’t like to fail 3 months in. But Last year I did read a book that inspired me to make some changes for 2016. It was called the Happiness Project. And I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2016 . Some were monthly, some were weekly and some were daily.

I gave updates for the first few months and then those fell by the way side. Well the updates fell by the wayside.

Some things that have stuck around is that I read my bible everyday. I actually got into that habit and I find it so satisfying that I can honestly say that most days I read my bible. There are a few days here and there that I don’t…..but I have an app that I read, and I am also leading a bible study online with a  few of my friends….so it makes me read everyday. I love it.

I also wanted to start reading books again. I vowed to read 12 books this year. 1 a month. I might have done that….I quit keeping count…..but if I didn’t I am close. I really wanted to write reviews on each of them but I didn’t. I do have to admit that a few of them were self help books…which is kind of what I need to avoid…That was my goal anyway. But I couldn’t help myself.

I also wanted to take 2 classes that were not related to quilting. I took one by Brene Brown in the beginning of the year. So I fell short on that goal. I really wanted to sign up for some college classes and life got in the way. My grandma got sick…and this snowball effect happened because I was taking care of her on the weekends and then work piled took me a long time to get caught up…..I am finally caught up. Life is good!

There were several other things and they are incorporated into my every day life. All I can say is that I feel really good about that. They were all good things that bring me back to me and who I was before all of the madness began.

So this year I want to relax more, vacation more and take in the every day moments more. However, Rob and I are trying to see if we can start a new chapter of our life in a new home. I have not been wanting to add debt to my life…but I do need a bigger studio…any of you that have visited know what I am talking about….my studio is stuffed and small. Well there is a house on the corner of our block that is up for sale…and it’s double the size of our house. It needs a ton of work…but for the square footage and the way the house is set up it will work perfectly for our needs. So we have to sell our house and hope that all of the pieces fall together so we can purchase that house. So please pray for us. 🙂

I like the area we live in…I like my street with most of my neighbors…and I like that if we have to move it’s only a few houses away…..I am rooted to this street because my kids grew up here and I just like it. I know if it’s not supposed to happen it won’t…and that’s OK too. we have been living in our home this long making it work….we can keep going on.

So another goal that I am going to make for myself this year is that I am going to go on another fabric fast. My stash has grown exponentially again…..and I need to use it up.

So once again in 2017 I am going to post weekly stats telling what yardage I have used and what I have bought. I am only allowing myself to buy kona white, black, and gray, and muslin if I need it. I will also allow myself to buy some wool because I don’t have a huge stash of wool and I am working on a lot of wool projects lately. So that is coming back….It will be eye opening…once again.

But I am taking a few vacations this year… I might not be using my stash as much….we shall see.

I lose 2 kids this year… to the Big bad world. 2 leaving for college. When this happens I will only have 1 child at home. This doesn’t seem fathomable to me. But It will be a new adventure for Rob and I. None of our boys will be close..all of them will be a couple hour drive away ….and oldest daughter still lives in town…..and we will have our youngest daughter at home with us. It seems so strange still that our children are this old. What is nice is that we have a family group chat on Fb that we all converse on pretty regularly. we make fun of eachother and talk….lol. It’s a good time. I might need therapy after some of the group chats….but I love that we all keep in contact.

So there will be many changes this year.

On top of that I am hoping to get another puppy. My brother in Ca breeds French Mastiffs and we are hoping to get a puppy from his next liter. So on top of trying to get a new home, a new dog, losing a couple of kids…and forbidding myself to buy fabric….I think I am going to see enough changes in 2017…and that’s not even the unexpected things that will happen……I can’t say that I know everything ..but I am full of hope and excitement. I know God has these great plans for us …and I know he is with us every step of the way. So Whatever happens I know that it is meant to be and I will just go along for the ride.

I hope you all have a beautiful 2017! Let’s welcome a new year and say farewell to 2016!  



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