Neutral Love

Hi friends!

I have finished another wool penny project! YAY!!

I am actually listing this for sale in my ETSY shop…you can find the listing here:

This pic shows the most accurate colors…and I am going to add a hanging sleeve before it ships out. For some reason I took all of these pictures before the binding was added…it’s done now. So I think I need to take new pictures for the Etsy add. 🙂

I chose to add all of the embroidery using neutral colors of thread. I did that as a challenge to myself. Which I have to say was kind of difficult because as time went on it seemed that all of the browns, grays, beiges started to look the same to me..even though they weren’t.  

The neutral was not only a challenge in the stitching but I have been trying to stay somewhat neutral in the divisive climate we are in now with the politics and state of our country. It’s been stressful. SO while I was working on this I decided to add in the word “LOVE”…because that’s really what I wanted to focus on.  You can see my version of the word LOVE in the 4 squares mixed in with my pennies. 

Here are some close ups:

So to extend the love through out the project I also added a heart into the background while machine quilting. I used two layers of muslin for the background of this piece. I have to say I wasn’t a real fan of that… was fine while doing the embroidery….but it presented a problem during the quilting. It isn’t as straight as I would like because I think there were too many layers. Overall it is fine…I can see the difference….but I have also made several of these and I have never had that problem before….but I also have never used muslin or two layers of fabric when making one of these.

Here is the quilt after I added the binding:

It is so difficult to decide how much to charge for a quilt..especially when I can see all of the flaws. But I just decided that I had to accept that there are going to be flaws in home made things…and also I put several hours into these hand stitching projects. So we will just see how this goes.

I love working on these and I plan on making more to sell. Some with bright colors in my usual style ect. So for my blog readers if you would like one made to order…I would be willing to do that as well.  We can discuss size, background & borders. Wool Pennies or confetti….additional shapes ect. I can also personalize some of the embroidery like I have for some of my friends. So I am just putting that out there because they take a while to make so we can plan.

This one measures 19.5 x 22.5 inches. Some of the others I have made are a little larger depending on how many wool pennies we use ect.

I will also attach a hanging sleeve to the back with a custom label.


Thanks so much for your support!


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