NCS T-Shirt Quilt

Nancy sent this quilt to me..Her son is graduating… she whipped this quilt up for him before she has a surgery and she will be out of sewing commission for awhile. Poor gal!

I would hate that.IMG_5053 IMG_5059


Clearly you can see that he has a color scheme…and a particular college. I just had fun quilting in all of the areas of the quilt. I added just about every design I could think of to make it fun, funky and keep it guy-ish. IMG_5058 IMG_5057 IMG_5056

Nancy loves it..and hopefully she can get it bound before she is out of commission! IMG_5056 IMG_5055 IMG_5054

Many Blessings Nancy! we all wish you luck with your surgery! It’s a pleasure working with you! IMG_5060


One thought on “NCS T-Shirt Quilt

  1. The quilt is wonderful Charisma and so are you for working so hard to get it back to me in time to do the binding before surgery. I’m trying hard to finish it today but had forgotten how long it takes! I’m dreading the next few weeks but looking forward to being pain free. A certain bright spot in my recovery will be giving this quilt to my son. Thanks again and may God bless you always!

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