Navaho Rose

Navaho Rose

This is a local pattern …it has been one of the top selling patterns and kits at my LQS for years. I have seen it made in almost every theme…and color way. I quilt LOTS of them. I have made two of them myself. In fact this one was my first one….and the first quilt I ever put on point…I don’t know if I measured borders..because it was probably the third quilt I made….once I knew what a quarter inch seam was..LOL. I knew as soon as I finished it that it had issues. I also hadn’t ever long arm quilted at the time…I had to graduate to that. I am really thankful I have never had it quilted by anyone else either..cause I am pretty sure they would hate me.
I have only seen a few quilts this bad…but I didn’t have to put a pleat in it..YAY! Me!

There were some shaky moments….but I got through it.

I decided to alternate between two side setting designs to get some idea …and the last border design I just copied the design of the fabric..I knew I needed an all over type of design because of the issues…the sashing and inner border I quilted leaves and swirls…the blocks got continuous curves and stipple. Ironically the blocks were in good was just the borders and I think I didn’t square up the center before adding the borders..which could have been a problem. …well we all have to start somewhere right? I didn’t ask many questions ..I just kind of dived in to quilting..but it is actually good in a way because now I get training for working on wonky quilts on the long arm…so there is always a bright side.

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