NaturallySpeaking Dragon

Hi everyone,
Rob bought me this fancy new NaturallySpeaking Dragon for Christmas! Isn’t that exciting? So I am speaking this into the fancy Shmancy microphone and it’s recording it. It’s doing a pretty good job but I’m having a hard time with the punctuation. Today was a day of lounging, quilting, and playing with all of our new toys. I haven’t gotten out of my sweats all day….. And I skipped Bible study. I didn’t actually remember until it was too late to get ready and feed the kids dinner. But I am excited to get caught up with all the quilts by by next weekend so that I can start some personal projects.
The boys are with Landon for a week. So the house is pretty quiet. Well I think I conclude this session. My handy little tool is working.
I hope you guys have a great evening. Many blessings.

One thought on “NaturallySpeaking Dragon

  1. Hi C, sounds like you had a nice Christmas and that the guys found te perfect gift for you since you are so busy and love to blog (should help with time)…Christmas was kind of sad for us this year with the absence of mom. All in all it was good…we are still family and I have my Dad…he is doing good just getting on up in age. Your quilting and all of the tops that everyone sent are beautiful….Hugs T

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