Nativity Round Robin



Well about 15 years ago…give or take…before I learned about good fabric and how to trace and embroider properly….well and lets face and quilt properly. I made a bunch of these quilts.( these were the second round)  They were little patchwork quilts and I would trace the designs sew them together and then embroider them.   I gifted them to everyone in my family ( the first round) and several of my friends. The thing is that I really love them. I love the drawings …but you should see those projects I made about 20 years ago. That was before the internet and long arm quilting.


My family members still kept them and when I see them I want to take them back and give them a refreshed version. But I guess it’s just a reminder of how far I have come.


But I still have these unfinished ones that I never completed. Honestly I have like 5-6 of them. So this one I decided to put into a round Robin….that way my friends could come up with something great to finish it off. I don’t have one of my own..I gifted all of them. So this is what I have so far….and I am really happy with what they have done so far. But I think I am going to make it bigger. I have plenty of fabric. I think it needs some big stars don’t you? How would you finish it?039 038 037 036

DO you like the scriptures in the corners? I have more of those panels. SO I think I will add a few more.

034 035How old is your oldest UFO?

WOWZA!! I thought I used to be good about finishing things. LOL

Well Here’s a great start for me!

I hope you all have a blessed day!



5 thoughts on “Nativity Round Robin

  1. Beautiful !!! I love everything about it.
    As to old UFO’s I have some that are over 20 years old! YIKES!!!
    Be sure to post when it’s quilted.

  2. The thing I love most about your blocks is how your faith is deep within you and has carried you to this point! I’d love to see
    “Eight stars of gold on a field of blue”… Wink 😉
    Such a sweet quilt! I really do love it.

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