Natalie’s Tonga Wedding Quilt

Natalie sent me this’s STUNNING!

I think this is such a labor of LOVE. This is a wedding gift for her son..she wanted some feathers and Charisma Curls..but she also didn’t want the quilt to be to “girly”. I put the feathers in the corner log cabin type blocks that was used as side setting triangles….I used the CC’s in the final border ..the rest of the quilting was really just block work…which is always my favorite type of makes each block new and interesting to me as I am quilting. PLus I love all the different textures after the quilt is finished…it feel like such a sense of accomplishment.

SO Natalie…Thank you for trusting me with your work …and I hope you like the way I quilted it.

3 thoughts on “Natalie’s Tonga Wedding Quilt

  1. All I can say is WOW, WOW & WOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
    You do know that I read the comment from you last night that you would finish it today and all day, my computer is on your page and I have been refreshing the page every 30 minutes, just waiting for this post!!!
    I can hardly wait to receive it!
    I am not letting the kids see it till the wedding! She is in the area but will be headed to MS when he is headed back from Afghanistan. Then, I can show it off so she won’t see it!

  2. Wonderful Wonderful—-this is what I like to see!!!! the quilt is beautiful to begin with then with the quilting it is outstanding!!!!

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