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Annette and I have been working together a long time now…..I am so blessed by her. Honestly. If I had only known those summers ago when I put out a little trade….how it would end up? I always say I make my decisions based on my heart and Godly inspiration…that was truly one of those.  God lead me to Annette. She was the first person to respond and we have been working together ever since.

I think Christmas at Annette’s this year is going to be spectacular. LOL She has been really busy and has lots of gifts. She been sewing up a storm! But getting to her quilt…..I am so in love.

Nan used the same pattern to piece her quilt that I did . It’s called “Stash Buster” by Brianna Rang.  It’s a local pattern. Here is a link.

Annette’s daughter is an Art teacher. I know where she gets that gene. But I think Annette was trying to find the perfect quilt for her daughter…they are very close. When her daughter saw my quilt listed Here. It’s called Creme Brulee. Jane quilted it for me…and I take it with me to display every where. It’s such a treasure for me.  So here is Annette’s quilt….but my whole cloth plan: IMG_6368

So Annette asked if I could quilt her quilt the same. I said I couldn’t because that was customized for me by Jane. I couldn’t quilt it exactly like that because it is so personal and special. I would never want to re-create that. However, I could use the same “idea” that Jane had and treat it as a whole cloth…I would personalize the quilt for her daughter and work from there. Ever since Jane quilted mine I have wanted to try this idea..I even have another quilt made…..just haven’t spent the time sketching a plan for myself.    🙂IMG_6366 IMG_6365

So Annette finished her quilt and sent it to me. I asked her lots of questions…..and thought about it some more. Then thought about it some more…..then I came up with this sketch: IMG_6374

I sent it to Annette to approve. Check. Then I spent quite a bit of time marking ( Well I had actually started before I sent the sketch…halfway through I thought…”hmm I better make sure it’s all OK” hehe).  I am so glad Annette gave it to me quite early for her deadline..I am sure I have had this for 2-3 months trying to come up with a plan. That takes longer than quilting. The quilting should have taken me a couple days… but I was so addicted to working on it that I couldn’t leave the frame. I tend to need some breaks and not stay in the same position to long….but other than 30 minutes for dinner (I had a crock-pot going) I stood over it constantly for 9-10 hours.   I was able to take it off the frame around midnight last night. I worked on the back…and clipped threads.. walked down my stairs to the studio this morning and saw this:  IMG_6361


I can’t get enough of this quilt. IMG_6363 IMG_6362

I used the initials in her daughter’s family..I also quilted a special message to her daughter from her Mom in the background quilting. I had planned on writing some sayings in the center circles somewhere. However….I must admit that my circles are not perfect. UGH! Frustration. They are so big that it’s hard to get them perfect..I will have to learn some tricks and techniques for that…..and probably why people don’t do them often. But I had to use fillers that would make it less noticeable. It just proves I am not a “machine” and I am an imperfect quilter with flaws…I can accept that. I hope Annette and Josee can as well. No computer quilting here. The picture on the top (down below) shows the circle from the backIMG_6371IMG_6364

I also used two layers of batting. one layer of legacy 80/20 and a layer of hobbs poly down. IMG_6367

So the circles were sketched then every thing was built upon those. The monogram boxes were next up….then I built the star points off from the end of those. A feather behind the star points that follows the circle.  Lots of marking before and after loading the quilt.  I used a straight edge ruler for all my straight lines…and a curved ruler for the center curved cross-hatching. Everything was from my own hand and brain. …However, I did use a template to trace the circles….not that it helped me to make them perfect…just saying. LOL. I also made another boo-boo…but I am not going to point it out. I am hoping nobody will notice it…..but now that I say it…I have some that will spot it right away. It’s OK ..I can live with it. IMG_6372


(This is a picture of the back)

In the end ….I am just so grateful! Honestly, I give God all the Glory. He blessed me with this talents, beautiful people to work with and a way to make a living expressing my art/soul.  Annette is worth every second of this process and I am glad to call her my friend. I am glad I get to help her bless her family as much as she has blessed me with her talents. IMG_6369 IMG_6370

Thanks Annette! Many blessings!









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