Nan’s Modern Quilt

This is Nan’s quilt…and she left me tons of open space for quilting. Her and I trade services….and she has made a few of these scrappy ones for me. I love them. I love seeing what I can do with them.

IMG_1580So I knew she liked pebbling…because of one I had done..and I used a high contrast thread in mine……I decided to use a bit of a contrast in this one..but not to much.

I also decided to add the hexagons because of one of the fabrics in the quilt.

IMG_1581See the pattern in the fabric…fabulous inspiration.

I randomly marked the hexagons to quilt in.


I also wanted to add a linear visual to direct the eye. I have been experimenting with this..and I know that Nan won’t hate when I am experimenting. 🙂 sometimes things work out..sometimes they don’t. I happen to love this….it’s a clash of quilting. I think it adds a great element.

IMG_1584 IMG_1585I felt like it took forever to pebble everything ( I feel like that whenever I pebble) ….but it’s so  beautiful! Love it!

IMG_1582 IMG_1583I did use 2 layers of batting. It’s just best when you do heavy my opinion.

Here is the back:IMG_1586

Thanks Nans! Always a pleasure!




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