My Stash Update 03/26/17

I can’t say that I have used much of my stash ….but again I am completing some of my UFO’s..which feels really good. I am not sure why I feel this need to complete them….it’s like I just have this need not to have anything hanging over me….or like I need to make use of every minute of quilting time that I have…I don’t know. But either way it feels nice to complete these.

I forgot to share my Side lights projects that I promised to share a few weeks ago. So here it is.

This is a perfect pattern to showcase that panel that you fell in love with and have no idea how to use….:)

I made this for my friend Carla…for her birthday. Purple is her favorite color and as soon as I saw this fabric line and that panel I knew I should make it for her. She loves quilts…and my work. She teases that she has a fabric addiction and she doesn’t even sew. haha! It was nice to finish but also to gift her something special for her birthday.

I also completed this chicken quilt. I had a panel of these fun, bright colored chickens..but I just didn’t know what to do with it. So I sent it to my Friend, Harmony. she put fun borders around them and made a small quilt. I added the red border and quilted the double bubble design on them…because they look like eggs. 🙂 it was an easy finish that didn’t take long. I don’t know why I let those small projects sit? can someone tell me why>?

I do get to add a little bit of yardage…I made a simple quilt to put on the longarm to make some youtube videos for my youtube channel. So I will add 3 yards.

Yards used to date: 36


Quilts I have made so far this year:

  1. Neutral Love Wool Penny Project
  2. Wool Confetti Project for T
  3. Wool Penny Project ( big pink flower in the center)
  4. Happy Little Trees
  5. Christmas cookie exchange
  6. Jelly Chain quilt
  7. Kaffe Scrappy Ice Cream Quilt
  8. Kaffe Magic carpet quilt
  9. Kaffe hourglass quilt
  10. Moda Be my Neighbor Quilt ( I forgot to add this last week)
  11. Feather sample quilt for You Tube.

Quilts that I have finished:

  1. Scrappy Square in a squares quilt. Quilted by me made by Annette
  2. Sidelights, Pieced & quilted by me.
  3. Bee-utiful quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
  4. Block Swap Quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
  5. Lion quilt. Pieced by JennT.  & quilted by me.
  6. Prairie Flower quilt pieced & quilted by me.
  7. Fun Chicken quilt Pieced by Harmony, quilted by me.

I will share some more projects next week! YAYA!!

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