My-Stash Report 3/5/17

Hi friends, Well it’s Sunday…and I am hear to report about my stash. I have really been feeling overwhelmed with my UFO’s …’s a problem as many of us quilter’s know. So I am trying to finish up some of my easy projects. Why is that sometimes we have UFO’s even if it’s just a matter of adding one border? Or a simple quilting job? I have no idea but I have plenty of them. I have totes and bins of UFo’s and I think this is the year that I am going to focus on those. So I am trying to quilt at least one quilt a week and I am really trying not to start new projects unless I finish something in a tote. The reason is that I am running out of totes to store things. It’s ridiculous that I keep buying more totes. I just need to finish things.  I mean if I were die tomorrow..what is going to happen to those projects that I have already sunk so much time into? They will end up in a yard sale for 50 cents and I would want to haunt my family for that. So in order to save them from myself…..I should just finish them…for all of our sakes, right? Right.

So I am! I am pinning quilts onto my small frame and working on them in my off hours….so that I can feel that sense of accomplishment.

The one I finished this week is this one:

It’s the Bee-Utiful quilt from the moda QAL last summer. It’s been pinned on my frame for quite some time…and I finally finished it. I will write a blog post about it later, today. 

I am not going to count any yardage on this because it was all together from last summer so it’s not really from my’s from a tote. haha.

I also finished this one. The blocks were a part of a block swap I was involved in…and I got a bit frustrated because all of the blocks I received were all different sizes. I couldn’t even use all that were sent to me..because they sizes were so off. So I used some that I could..there are so many cut off points ect. I didn’t want to spend any time custom quilting this…so I just did an all over design. I used scraps for the back. I will also post this one sometime this week. 🙂

Yards used to date: 30

Quilts I have made so far this year:

  1. Neutral Love Wool Penny Project
  2. Wool Confetti Project for T
  3. Wool Penny Project ( big pink flower in the center)
  4. Happy Little Trees
  5. Christmas cookie exchange
  6. Jelly Chain quilt
  7. Kaffe Scrappy Ice Cream Quilt
  8. Kaffe Magic carpet quilt
  9. Kaffe hourglass quilt
  10. Moda Be my Neighbor Quilt ( I forgot to add this last week)

Quilts that I have finished:

  1. Scrappy Square in a squares quilt. Quilted by me made by Annette
  2. Sidelights, Pieced & quilted by me.
  3. Bee-utiful quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
  4. Block Swap Quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! I will be stitching for sure!




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