My Stash report 04/23/17

So I get to add yardage for this week YAY!!

Yards used to date: 47+20 =67 yards used

I was able to add 20 yards this week because I pieced several backings for quilts that we are using to practice our edge to edge designs on the Statler. 🙂 I will be showing some more of those next week as well. I realize I wouldn’t be getting as much done if not for the practice computer quilting….seems a bit unfair….but I have to say that I am super excited not to have so many full bins of quilt tops….that seemed a bit overwhelming all of those years. 🙂


White stars…

I made this quilt top years ago and I didn’t have the correct measurements of the block many of the points were cut off and it drove me nuts so I never finished it. I decided to just finish it up and be done with it.

 In the end I do kind of like it still.

here’s the back:

Quilts I have made so far this year:

  1. Neutral Love Wool Penny Project
  2. Wool Confetti Project for T
  3. Wool Penny Project ( big pink flower in the center)
  4. Happy Little Trees
  5. Christmas cookie exchange
  6. Jelly Chain quilt
  7. Kaffe Scrappy Ice Cream Quilt
  8. Kaffe Magic carpet quilt
  9. Kaffe hourglass quilt
  10. Moda Be my Neighbor Quilt
  11. Feather sample quilt for You Tube. (Will get pics posted of this)
  12. Embroidered Floral quilt

Quilts that I have finished:

  1. Scrappy Square in a squares quilt. Quilted by me made by Annette
  2. Sidelights, Pieced & quilted by me.
  3. Bee-utiful quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
  4. Block Swap Quilt. Pieced & quilted by me.
  5. Lion quilt. Pieced by JennT.  & quilted by me.
  6. Prairie Flower quilt pieced & quilted by me.
  7. Fun Chicken quilt Pieced by Harmony, quilted by me.
  8. Garden Cheater quilt. Pieced and quilted by me.
  9. Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt Pieced by Noni quilted by me.
  10. Bejeweled  made by Annette quilted by me
  11. White stars made and quilted by me.
  12. Scrappy Squares with Tan background- made by Annette quilted by Computer
  13. Soothing waters quilt. Made by Harmony quilted by Computer
  14. Medallion Mystery quilt made by me quilted by computer
  15. Circle 4 patches made by me quilted by computer

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