My Round Robin Center

Well I thought since I had shared about the international round robin ( IRR)..I should maybe post pictures of the center I sent out.

I actually was going to piece this beautiful Cross …an inspirational type quilt…but going through all of my quilting stuff I found this little quilt I had bought last summer. I bought it to add my own “rounds” to it. But decided to send it to my IRR group. I am so glad I did….wouldn’t you know? The first woman who recieves my little quilt studied heiroglyphics ( & egyptian art) in college……That is pretty amazing. So I am definatly getting an egyptian theme…I knew this little quilt had those “roots” …I saw some art on the Martha Stewart show…that looked very similar to this piece when she was traveling last summer. I am just not sure of the meaning of this particular symbol.
Anyway..I had no idea when I chose this little quilt who it would be going to or her background…I just thought it was pretty and I liked the colors …so even if it didn’t have that theme continued on….I would have been happy…but now that it will…well that’s just icing..right?

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