My Respite Place

The trellis are is finally finished.

It’s been 10 months since we started this project and it kind of evolved as it went. IMG_9372

This is the view from the bottom of the slope in our yard. Where you enter.

A recap is that we live on a hill…so our back yard has always been sloped. When our kids were little we needed to accommodate a pool and a trampoline ( at different times)…so we dug out part of our yard. now that the kids are older and we no longer need those items to entertain our kids. (Clarissa would still use them…she gets short changed a lot because she is the youngest….but she wouldn’t use those things by it’s a catch 22…the boys are really the determining factor in a lot of choices around here because they are the majority and also the closest in age). IMG_9373

So we could have brought in more dirt and leveled another slope and planted grass…but it was really the perfect corner in the yard because of all the trees to create a little garden area. We had originally thought of a pond…but then discovered how much work that would be..and I threw out that idea. So Rob wanted the retaining wall. He wanted the  decorative garden stones…I wanted the wood…because I like the look of the wood better. In hindsight…not such a great idea because it’s not going to hold up as well. But I still like the look of it better…along with the trellis. So we opted instead of a pond for a gas fireplace. Here is a view of the steps from the entrance of the garden area:IMG_9375

(Rob has to finish that last little step. But there is also a walkway from the steps to the patio area. That way we don’t have to worry about flat grass…or dirt path.

I wanted the trellis because it seems so cozy and I love the thought of garden vines hanging down creating a little secret garden area. IMG_9374

So we have planted Star Jasmine, clematis, wisteria as vines. I have also planted bushes and lilacs. So there will be all different kinds of smells at different blooming times. I love the smells and blooms. Rob thinks it all smells like soap. LOL I am also going to buy LED lights to hang with the vines. So we put up twine to train the vines to climb up and create a wall on one side of the trellis.  This view is from the side up above on the slope. Here is a view of that side..which needs more workIMG_9376

Here is a picture from up above on our deck. We have a huge deck. IMG_9378

We do have a huge deck & patio for entertaining. so it would seem a bit much to have another area to entertain. But the way our house faces the deck is in full sun at night…so it’s not all that comfortable to be there. So we hardly use it. It would be good for mornings ….but we don’t do any morning entertaining. So it doesn’t get used much. The trellis area will be used more because I could read or relax in the shade. IMG_9377This was taken from the patio, at the end of the walkway that Rob & the boys put in.  I am trying to decide on the type of furniture i want to go in there. I would like a few loungers…and then some uprights. I just haven’t seen anything that jumps out at me yet. So that may have to wait until end of year sales..or next year…until then we can use what we have. I do need to plant a few more vines and get lights.

I am pretty happy with the results of this. Pretty proud of my men for accomplishing it.

I hope you all have a happy respite place.

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