My Quilt Holders

I Love this book that I have had in my collection for several years….yes I said years. It’s one of those books I always look at…and think I am going to make this one and that one..and that one….ect. Well I finally made something from it last month the link is here.

The book is this one:

You can get it on Amazon here.


I made my second quilt top from this book. It was actually the first one that caught my attention. I used different colors in than the original. The original in the book is called Chocolat et Creme. She used Creams with brown and a sage green.

I used white-cream blend , a floral in the border and squares and red with steel blue.

I asked my two boys to hold it up for me so I could get some full frontal photos.IMG_5564

This is what I get when I ask them to help me….an opportunity for them to tease and harass me. UGH! I ask them to straighten out the top…and they move closer together….Then they crack up laughing.IMG_5563

Then Bryce pulled his shorts all the way down to his ankles to just show his boxers….( I will spare you that) and then they crack up…ugh! Then they say…”are you gonna show that on your blog mom?”….more laughing from the peanut gallery. No!

So I told them to just go and I was finished with them…so I laid the quilt top in the grass to take photos and Preston Said “Hey, How come you are taking pictures like that when you just had us holding the quilt?” I rolled my eyes and shook my head….and he started laughing it up while walking back in the house. I swear these kids just punish me for no good reason! It could take 1 minutes and they turn it into a whole ordeal! LOLIMG_5565

IMG_5566 IMG_5567

There is another quilt in the book that is on my list of to-do’s….and a duplicate. But I want to make the one called “Front Porch Welcome” Doesn’t that just sound cozy and inviting? I think it looks it too.


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