My New Gammill

So Here she is…..


We are so excited! All of this has happened so quickly….we haven’t had time to paint the room yet. I will post a new picture after the room is actually finished. We put new flooring in …but the machine was coming and we wanted to have it all set up before I left for my trip.  So painting will be done within a few weeks.

The machine is used. So it had a custom paint job on the frame…Red. So I am wondering if we should name her Scarlett? or I was really thinking Gredda the Gammill. I think Rob kind of wants a manly name..since he is going to be working on her….we will figure it out. She also has an overhead light bar coming but it had to be ordered because it’s a 14 foot frame. So that’s nice…we can pretty much take any size quilt.

So the first question everyone asks is are you keeping all of your machines? Yes. I am. I own an 18 inch Innova and a 26 inch Innova. My 18 is really to small to do a bunch of everyday work…so I keep my own pinned on that one..or show quilts or detailed quilts that need more intensive work…so I can leave projects pinned on for days & weeks at a time. I use my 26 inch Innova everyday. I am pretty hard on her and she requires lots of repair work. So I really wanted a reliable back up machine. But also I was thinking a computer system would be a good investment.

I want to re-assure everyone that I am still going to do all of my regular freehand custom work. I could never not do that…it’s part of me. It’s how I have created a living for the last 7 years. Not only that, it is not just my living, it’s my therapy, creative outlet and way of life.

I am however defunct at learning technology. I have to learn those types of things in bits and pieces because I just don’t pick up on that stuff very quickly ( because I am a natural quilter). Rob, however, is really good at that type of thing. So he is going to learn the computer system and then teach me in digestible chunks so that I can learn as I go. But also in order to help me pay for the machine he is going to take in some edge to edge quilting jobs…so we can learn the system as we go and still make the machine worth it’s weight.

So I will let you know when we are ready for that. I am sure in the next few weeks I will open the window to accept some of those jobs….(you can contact us now if you would like…as long as you aren’t in a hurry to get them back.) I am going to open the window to accept 50 quilts at a discounted rate (penny a square inch) for all over  simple edge to edge computer designs…so we can practice.  What that means is that they may not be perfect….we are learning….so maybe the designs won’t be lined up perfect or something. The quilts will be a way for us to really get practiced and refine our skills. I will have a category of designs to choose from and we will work them in between my other more custom work. So I would not send your most cherished projects….send kid quilts, charity projects ect. It’s a way for us to get practiced and help some of you complete some of those UFO’s..

We have 100’s of designs to choose from …I am very excited about this. So I will keep you updated on the process & progress. Rob is going to practice on a few of my quilts before we start working on any customer quilts. (even the discounted ones). ON that note: Rob is going to be my partner..I even submitted a new business license with him on it. I will need help managing all of this ..and quite frankly paperwork, editing videos, book keeping is not my favorite. So I am hoping that we can build up a bit more clientele and take in more work to accommodate Rob to work full time at home with me. I think that’s a couple years out maybe. But during the winter months he is home 3 days a week already so he will be able to work at Charisma’s Corner at least half of the week. 🙂 We are at this very moment that this is being published working on edge to edge quilts.

So the next question I get is : why Gammill? I chose a Gammill with a Statler for a few reasons….1. My dealer is 50 miles from me ( I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere)….my dealer also happens to be a very nice guy with a great reputation. I have not met anyone who doesn’t like him, so far. When you live in a small area you hear the good, bad & ugly.  I think customer service is very important and I like that I can drive to my dealer and pick up parts if I need anything.

2. Gammill itself has a very good reputation. 3. lifetime warranty  4, I needed an industrial machine.

So  a Shout out to Andrew’s Gammill Northwest!! He has been AWESOME to work with and very patient and kind..answering all of my questions and taking all of my calls.

Choosing a quilting machine is just like choosing a car..we all have our opinions and reasons. Between my husband and I we drive a Dodge, Chevy and a Mazda. Rob refuses any type of Ford ….but we like variety, apparently. So I don’t feel like I need to have brand loyalty. But maybe the Gammill will change my mind on that. 🙂

So here is to a new adventure and to many great partnerships!!

Thank you so much for all of your support!!




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