My Modern Travel Bee~ Inspiration

So a modern Travel bee is kind of like a round robin in a traditional guild… the way that your Bee travels from person to person in your bee. Each person works on it that month and passes it to the next person in line.



The difference is that we are not adding “rounds” or borders. We have a “theme” ..maybe or maybe not. And some people made a list of “rules”-> We try to limit those as much as possible. We get to add whatever we want. Seriously. We can add blocks, rows, borders, embellishments….in any way we like. Most of us didn’t have color rules, either. We can also choose to put the blocks together as we go along…..constructing the quilt additions of others with ours..partial….or leave them to see what the next person decided to do. I am thinking that I will take pictures of the process each month this year because we are starting a new one this month….so you can all have a better picture of the process. It’s fun, freeing and it’s magic when they all come together.

My theme was inspiration.


I wrote a letter to me group in a journal to be passed around with my round. I wanted them to tell of something that inspires them and add it to my quilt. Of course I wrote about my love for God which is why I put together my modern Cross…the big one in green and teal.

I decided to take 2 of my Joel Dewberry fat quarters….in a color scheme that is not real typical of me….and put together a good sized cross that looked very modern and not me. I also told them there were no rules of color or construction. I wanted it to reflect upon the group. But you know what happened? All of the things that inspire my friends..really applied to me as well. Because this quilt looks like reflects so much of my beliefs and I am just awed with how it all came together.

008Look at the color wheel…color inspires me everyday.

One of the gals said she was inspired by her Children:


I actually didn’t have to put anything together…the person who had my quilt on the last round put it all together for me…she is like me and the challenge of putting all of those puzzle pieces (blocks) together is fun…so she actually put together a few in our group.



I am in love with this. I wanted to get it quilted before our next meeting so I could share all of their handy work. 🙂

010Crosses, doves, and butterflies…..just beautiful.

011I decided to try a quote with colored thread…..maybe next time I will due some it’s a bit more centered & even. I get excited on my own projects and don’t think everything through..I just wing it and go. But I used the word “Hope” that one of the gals embroidered-pieced in the quote as well.  “the wings of Hope carry us, soaring high above the driving winds of life”

I decided to spend a little extra time quilting in quotes and things that inspire me. My name even made it into the quilting. You know how I am about these special personal touches.   The backing is a white colored fabric with gray stripes…it’s so simple and pretty. I wish I could get more.

My friend Sab is a Christian and also loves Quotes. She did the pink Striped fabric with the appliqued quote…I adore that! What a genius to use that fabric. 013“Be brave, Be strong, and take heart, all you who hope,  in the Lord”

I quilted each stripe differently. I could have probably used all one design…..but I tend to like texture and “more is more.”

018It’s pretty cold & icy here….snow every where. I love it…but it makes photos challenging. 🙂

Not complaining though.

020Here is the back:

017Just want to give a shout out to my modern quilt ladies! You are awesome and I am looking forward to another year of meeting and learning from you.





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