My Kaffe Collection

soooooo I finally cut into the Kaffe collection. Seriously it is difficult for me to cut into my favorite cuts of fabrics…especially if I know I can’t replace it …like as in it’s out of print. But I decided to finally bite the bullet and just cut into part of my favorite stash. I just had to…so I could just get ot over with….instead of fretting about it or thinking about it too much.

So I did.

I also have about 5 Kaffe quilt books that I look at and never use….so I picked one….randomly..kind of. I picked “Quilt Romance” cause it just sounds like me. Then I chose one quilt…..that I thought I could make easily and it would showcase the fabrics wel.

Here’s the first one:

I can’t get the whole thing in the photo because my living room isn’t large enough ….but it’s hourglass blocks next to cuts of focus fabrics….I had to use lots of fabulous prints for this…and it’s really all about color.

I quilted all over swirls excepts in the hour glass blocks I quilted continuous curve flowers.

The focus is really the fabrics rather than the quilting.

I knew I could never part with this quilt…cause it’s my coveted Kaffe I also used one of my favorite backing fabrics that I have been hoarding.


So after I made that quilt…I decided why not start another quilt? This one is called The Magic carpet Quilt. It is also in the Quilt romance book:

This one was a stretch for me….sometimes you have to follow a pattern to break the rules….Did I just say that?

I know…it’s so not me. But this quilt had borders that go no where…that goes against the grain.

It was a stretch in color usage…because it’s not so matchy-matchy…and that stretched me a little.

IN the end I really love the way in turned out…which is why I say….sometimes in order to break out of the have to follow a pattern.

 I quilted swirls, continuous curves, double bubbles and a feather.

and then I used some flannels for the back…since again..I will be keeping I wanted it to be comfy.

So while making both of those quilts..I was keeping every single scrap and looked in the book called …you got it—-> Quilt romance and there was a quilt called Ice Cream-You scream  We all scream for Ice cream.

Yes….it’s just a quilt made from strips. I didn’t follow the sizes per the pattern..because I just wanted to use what I had already and that is what I did. So they don’t coordinate or match as well as the original quilt….but it’s fun and it used strips I already had..cut and ready to go.

It is my most beautiful quilt? no. But I really do love a good scrappy..and I love that I had no waste.

I quilted all over swirls….as this quilt isn’t very big. I also used scraps of minky for the backing. All of the scraps were the same orange.

I have to say I was really upset. I ordered minky from Joann’s online in December for a quilt that I made for my sister in law….and JoAnn’s sent me 5 random cuts of orange minky instead of 1 8 yard cut. So frustrating. So I had to piece 2 weird backings for my quilts.’s going to be comfy …but I won’t order minky from Joanns again.


So I finally cut into my Kaffe stash….and I hope to do it again this year.

I feel really good about my projects and using the fabrics that make me swoon.

I highly encourage you to do the same.




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