My First Day Back to Work.

Well today is my first day back to work. It’s also my 3 week anniversary since surgery.

So the stats on that is that I have lost 33 pounds total. I am doing well as far as side effects ect. I am not having any issues. My wounds are healing fine. I am eating fine….I have been introducing things slowly and tolerating everything well. I would say it’s a “chore” to get all of my liquids in. I just don’t think about it. So that is the struggle.

I am not really seeing a difference in my appearance or anything. But my current weight is the weight that I was hanging out at for several years…so my clothes are feeling normal and loose. I was outgrowing all of them before….I just refused to buy a bigger size. So I looked pretty ridiculous. 🙂

so now I don’t look ridiculous in my ow clothes anymore. So I know with another 10 pound loss I will get to get rid of my current size jeans. I discovered that I have 3 different sizes of jeans in my closet…so I will be good to go on pants ect for a while. Which is good. I am probably going to stick with work out pants & sweats for the most part …I can get more use out of them and make them last longer. when you lose weight so fast it doesn’t make sense to keep buying clothes until you get to a weight where you are comfortable. but then again…maybe things will change in my mind?

Anyway…I have to say I am dragging my feet about starting work again. Not that I dislike my job…but because I really love my freedom. I love that my Hubby provides so well (not to mention the debt diet plan helped) and I didn’t have the stress of “money” while I was out. I took a few days to sew a few tops….I knew once work started again I probably would have time to freely sew again. It’s just the nature of the next 6 months. There are fairs, quilting shows and then Christmas. So I won’t have free time in the studio. But I did make the most of those days. I completed my Wild & Goosey quilt ( which I now have to quilt). Which was a very good thing. Bonnie Hunter is taping a show and she accepted my quilt for the taping. YAY!  I wasn’t planning on doing any fancy quilting on the top….which kind of has me second guessing now …just because it’s going to be on Tv… I am not sure. I say that because I just don’t think I have enough time to make it fancy now. LOL. But We will see how I feel. Anyway. I will figure it out.

I also watched some TV marathons. Mainly hallmark Channel movies. I record them …..and I can watch them all day long. it drives my boys crazy. But the movies they watch drive me crazy…so it’s fair.

Bryce is having some adjustment issues. He’s really homesick and wants to come home. He’s mainly homesick for his girlfriend & friends. Which is normal. But I am not going to give in to his emotions because he needs to grow up and figure out life. If you are comfortable you aren’t growing.

I have learned that in my life. So many times. I even torture myself on purpose to make myself do better…hence a stomach surgery. Seriously, in the last 3 weeks I have even had dreams about food. Weird right? Last night I dreamt that I kept eating all of these carbs and my stomach was never ending. My family kept handing me plates of pasta and rice..and I just kept eating it…..we were waiting to see if I ever got full and we kept getting amazed that it wasn’t ever filling up. LOL. I never would have thought those would be the dreams one has. I can’t eat those kinds of carbs anymore. honestly I don’t have room anyway….it takes every bit of effort to get my protein in. I went off of sugar and carbs….and I don’t feel hunger anymore.. (right now anyway..that eventually comes back).

Well I thought I would finally share the few tablerunners I quilted when I first got back from Mexico. They are terrible. It’s after I quilted those I just decided to take several rest days and sit in front of the TV. ( While watching tv I ripped papers off of 400 paper pieced blocks).

My friend Donna gave me a bunch of scraps…in her scrap pile were several of these Quick Curve ruler blocks. They were rejected from another project…I am assuming. I think the colors must have been too close or something. I don’t really know. So I decided to put them together and use them as table runners. I can always use those around here. Quick & easy project for me….My movements when quilting were terrible and I was not able to get the muscle control. I didn’t realize how weak I was. So After I finished the first one..I stippled the next one.:)

IMG_1985 IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1988

I used a gray for the back:

IMG_1989So here is to July. My first day back and new beginnings!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “My First Day Back to Work.

  1. I dreamt about smoking when I quit, so I don’t think it is weird at all to dream about food!
    Happy First Day Back To Work Day!

  2. If losing weight and keeping it off was easy I guess we would all be a size 6. Just keep your eye on what’s really important….being there for your family. You are too good of a mother to die young because you were morbidly obese.

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