Mr. Winter and Mod Cats

055Marcia sent these quilts. She always does a great job! Isn’t Mr. Winter just awesome? All squares and  HSt’s complete him.  Other than a few small appliques after he is complet. So cute and this is a good size twin quilt.  Just precious! 056 057

I quilted an all over stipple with a shiny white thread to make him glisten.

058 059

This next one is cat faces….she wanted me to quilt it and then she is going to add all of the cat faces after it returns home. Isn’t that awesome? I wish I could see it when it was complete. I know I will love it!

051 052

I quilted all over swirls. That way nothing would compete with the added embellishments.keeping with the mod theme as well.  053 054

Thanks Marcia! Always a pleasure working with you! I hope you heal quickly and have a lovely holiday!



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