More Ramblings & A Pizza Recipe & Year End Review

I just want to say THANK YOU! You all are such a wealth of information.

Due to yesterdays post…I am going to be part of the Bountiful Baskets co-op. I am also working our a pick up schedule. Our nearest Co-op is in Moses Lake about 25 mins away. So it wouldn’t be cost-time productive to drive for a basket every week ….but I have a group of 4 families so far that are willing to rotate pick up dates so going once a month won’t be a big deal at all…and I can get a basket of fresh fruit & veggies every week for a great deal. You can click on that link I shared and see if there is one near you.  Great information.

I also learned about Zaycon foods. What a great deal. I am not one for buying meat from those door to door sales man..but this is a great idea. Its a great price. They are having a “chicken Event” in my area on valentines day. It looks like they are not on a “regular ” schedule like bountiful baskets. But I have a freezer & I can stock up on Chicken Breasts for $1.89 a pound. It’s farm fresh never frozen. However you do have to cut & package it individually  So I thought I would pas along the info that I learned. I think I will buy a couple of cases. We eat a lot of chicken. I did the math from some chicken breast I bought from Wal-mart prices. I will save about 12$ a case. Which isn’t HUGE….but over the long haul I am sure that will be at least  100$ a year of savings. If I look at it like that….well then it seems worth it.

I have read some other reviews of these two sites and they all seem really good.  However some of the reviews of the “organic” baskets at the co-op have not been good. So I will just get the regular basket.  Check it out and see how it all goes. I will keep you all updated on that. I also called both of my grocery stores. Wal-Mart & Safeway to see if you can buy meat by the case or bulk for a better price. Neither of them offer that. Just to save you the time. ( at least that is for our area…maybe where there is competition it may matter??) So it looks like Zaycon is my best option on the meat front.

Today the sun is so bright. I am going to take some quilt pictures. I finally get a day to do that…it’s so pretty out. I went to lunch with my dear Friend Donna. It’s always a nice break in my week.

We don’t have any big plans to ring in the New Year. I am sick actually. I knew it was coming on because I have been sleeping a lot & I woke up with a sore throat on Sunday. I have progressively gotten worse. 🙁 So now I have a full-on cold.  But that’s ok. It’s better to get it now when I don’t have so many pressing deadlines. So I am thankful.

The pizza I made last night was so YUMMY!

I was going to share

I bought a pizza dough…(I had it in the fridge before my new budget savvy tips) So I used that and the white sauce was made from all of these ingredients ( I mixed up a few things from our leftovers A cheese ball & ranch dip…but I know all of the ingredients)

Cream cheese, bacon bits, Cheddar cheese & ranch dressing. I mixed it all up and spread it all over the crust. Then I added shredded chicken, marinated artichokes, green onion, a few sliced olives and mushrooms. It was piled pretty high. Then I sprinkled with some Italian herbs, added some fresh spinach and covered it all with mozzarella cheese.  I put it in the oven @ 400 degrees -> until crust was golden brown and cheese was melted.   I sliced up a fresh tomato and served that with the pizza. I really like fresh tomato on my pizza.

YUMMY! It was WAY better than the ham & pineapple pizza I served as well. So now I have a good white sauce for pizza to use next time. Leftovers really creates great recipe ideas. 🙂

I hope you all have a great time ringing in the New Year! I am hoping that this year will be better than last! This year was full of up-downs. I seemed to be be having one thing after another….The good thing about the new year will be that this will be a year that I don’t have to send another child away from home. That seemed to be very rough for me. LOL So that should make for better writings in the new year. I have finally let my daughter go. She is still causing all sorts of drama. She isn’t welcome in my house currently ( until she apologizes to me…which I guess won’t happen anytime soon)…..and I am perfectly OK with that. We had a holiday without drama and stress or tension. It felt really good. I experienced alot of loss in 2013.  I know it’s all part of life. But I also gained so much. I gained new family, insight, full circle moments, love & inspiration. So many blessings.

I know that during the thick of my pain this year this blog was probably not a great place to be….for some. I heard about it. I also know that because I did share my heartfelt pain that I helped others…& others helped me. I can’t ever express how much you all mean to me. Seriously.

When I am down and think that nobody understands ->I get a note or email. Just a little boost that says….hang in there. I have been there. Or I am right with ya! Here are some tools that helped me. I honestly read everything and invest a lot of time caring, praying & listening.  I always maintain privacy. I would never blast someones information. I know it makes a person very vulnerable….to share some of these very personal things. I am always honored & humbled to hear, read, listen and talk. If you all knew how many smiles, tears and emotions I have felt due to your love, honestly and sharing…..and vulnerability…..I am just in AWE of How God works and brings us all together despite miles, languages and cultures. I truly am.

If you would have told me 5 years ago when I started my blog on a whim that it would be what it is today….I would have been a skeptic. I know that I am not a “commercial” blogger. I know that this is not real-estate. This is my life. My memories & my most important work. I document my journey. My life. My family. My feelings. My opinions. To have people read this & support me …Well I am honored & humbled.   Truly.

I think nobody can make it on their journey alone. I have friends far & near. So Thank you again.

Your friend,




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