More Jelly & Toast

I made this in October of 2012. I thought I would show pictures for quilting designs. Just so you may see how I quilted it. IMG_3333 IMG_3334

The Jelly Roll is one by April Cornell that I had been hoarding for a few years waiting for the perfect project…but it has a theme of roses & dots& leaves….you know all the pretty things I love…..along with the colors. IMG_3328

So I quilted Roses in each square, leaves in all of the  frame boxes and framed it in with a feather. Each individual square got continuous curves. IMG_3331

I happened to use two layers of batting in this quilt…just because I knew it would get photographed and I wanted it to show well. IMG_3332

I just want to say Thank you for all the support! I really appreciate it more than you all will ever know! Many blessings


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