Monthly Block Exchange

Hi friends!!

I thought I would invite you to join me and some of my FB friends in a monthly swap.

For a couple of years now I have been managing a FB group for doll quilt swaps. It’s on a monthly can sign in or out each month depending on your schedule ect. You are welcome to join that anytime. Here is a link to that group:

We assign a theme and then we mail out our quilts by the 28th of each month. It’s been a great group of ladies and we all have fun trying new things each month.

But I thought I would host a monthly block exchange as well. I know we all love blocks and sometimes it’s easier to make a bunch of the same blocks and chain piece …..and then trade for a variety of blocks. Even if it is just for the fact of working with friends from all over the world. Everyone has a different stash…..and style. So sometimes the variety is so much fun!

I am thinking we can choose a theme each month. They don’t have to be cohesive for each month…..or they could be?

We can choose a color theme, a certain type of block..ect. I am thinking we will stay away from applique just because several people don’t like those… they will most likely be sampler blocks. We can vote each month. So you will have a say.

But there have been some issues with people not fulfilling obligations on some of these online swaps…..So I decided in order to prevent hurt feelings and uneven trades there would be some rules:

  1. We accept all skill levels. But all seams need to be quarter inch and to the best of your ability. PLease don’t be afraid to join…but be considerate of your work and what you are offering up. Let it be your best work.
  2. All blocks need to be shipped to me ( I will email my address to everyone that wants to join) with a return envelope with paid postage. Whatever it costs you to ship to me is what it will cost for me to ship back to you.
  3. Send the amount of blocks that you want to trade. Please trade in sets of 4. So that can be 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 ect. However, many you send to me is what you will get back including one of your original blocks.
  4. The due date that I must receive them is the 28th of each month. ( if they are late I will need a shipping number to hold up the swaps)
  5.   I will get them sorted and shipped out by the 3rd of each month.
  6. For everyone that joins in the swaps each month…I will do a drawing in November for free long arm quilting worth 125$.
  7. Please post pictures and participate…we love pictures. If you don’t want to join Fb …you can always just email me pics..I will share them on my blog and the group.

Here is the link to my business FB page:


So Lets say in January of 2016 Our first block will be a simple one to get us started and see how we like the process.

Lets use a light colored background like what is featured in the photo. Then any color for the Domino block.

This is a great exchange block because with a light background and the mix of different colors they will all look great together no matter what fabrics are used. It’s a free block from one of my favorite sites and it’s simple to get us started.

So please email me if you want to join I will give you my mailing address. If you can’t….it’s a month by month commitment….so hopefully you can the following month. charisma@charismascorner (dot) com

Lets have fun!

Thanks a bunch!


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