Month 12 of Weight Loss Journey

So it’s been a year since I started the process! WOWZA! I can hardly believe it.

A year ago today I had started my pre-op diet. which consisted of getting all fake sugars and toxins out of my body. I only ate vegetables, 8 ounces of lean protein a day and a few home made protein shakes. No dairy, no sugars, no fake sugars no grains …..only meat and vegetables. It was difficult but I did it for a month and lost 20 pounds before my surgery.

So for those that are just following along I had weight loss Surgery June 10,  2015.  I went to Mexico. for several reasons, but mainly the cost. Even if I had gone through my own insurance they would have made me jump through a year worth of hoops which would have cost me in copays and deductibles and then the surgery itself would have cost me a percentage.  Mexico was cheaper in money and time. Oddly enough because I live in the middle of nowhere all of the traveling to see different specialists would have cost me more than my flight to travel to Mexico as well.

My Highest weight was 275

surgery weight was 255

current weight is 170. I have been at this weight for 3 months.

total loss is 105 pounds.

I started in a size 20-22 jeans. Shirts were xl-xxl. and my shoes were all over the map.

Currently, I wear a size 11-12 jean. shirts are all over the map. I can wear a small in some things, mediums in others and larges. I actually have to try on clothes now…kind of shocking. But when I went shopping last week I was kind of shocked to buy mediums and smalls. that doesn’t seem possible? but it is.

So I could be frustrated that I haven’t lost any weight in 3 months….but I am not. I am satisfied with where I am in this stage of the process. I want to lose 20 more pounds over all. But at this time I am ok. my mind and body need time to adjust and I haven’t been eating and exercising as well as I should lately. I keep saying this but I have had some family issues that require my time and finally, i think, I can say now that those are settled and I can get back to my normal routine life. Kind of. I am behind in my work and in the next few weeks I have some family functions that will require time…which I seem to be running short on…everyday.  I am sharing all of this to say that “life happens” and sometimes in my reality i can’t focus on myself 100% of the time. I am going to get back into it in the next few days….and it will all work out. The fact that I have maintained is great!

I will say that I really thought I would want to take more pictures of myself and share those…but the truth is that when I see pictures of myself I still pick out every flaw and thing that I hate about myself. It doesn’t matter how thin I get, I will always be shaming myself and I won’t see the beauty that I should see. However, if I don’t see pictures of myself and I focus on how I feel I do WAY better with the body love. I love that I can jog, that I feel powerful, that I can squeeze in places that I couldn’t before. I love that my body is rising to the challenge that I put it up to. I love that I can see my feet and that my rings are loose. Those are the little things that I focus on and it helps me keep going. pictures aren’t doing it for me. I see the loose skin, the wrinkles, the droopy eyes, big forehead, the big nose, the big ears, the small lips….ect I could go on and on and it’s not helpful. So I just tend to stay away from the picture taking…still.

I am a HUGE advocate for surgery because it has helped me tremendously. I look at things differently and I have learned so much. Am I 100%? obviously not. It’s not a cure all and for people in that mindset they are in for a rude awakening…..but i know we are all in our own journey and sometimes we just have to learn some things the hard way. I don’t want to continue to be one of those people. I am trying to learn my patterns and pathology and change it. Learn new coping strategies and learn to love myself. It’s a process. So you can’t just master one thing….you have to master it in every aspect and it’s not easy to change your life. Especially considering that i meet resistance. My family is not very supportive. they think it’s fine if I want to make separate meals and do everything on my own…..but they don’t want to participate or think about themselves…at all. So it’s been a journey.

Diet with them has been an issue all along…..but some of them have gotten better about working out. Poor Rob …he tries but his body is worn out. He hasn’t taken good care of himself and he doesn’t fuel himself well…so when he tries he struggles.

All of that being said…I have started to be selfish about it. I think my voice and concerns need to be considered. If anyone else in my family had health issues that required a special diet I would work within that and join in the cause. So I believe that I should be offered the same consideration.  This is really the first time I have stood up, made myself a priority and it’s difficult in the culture of my house.

The only constant thing in life other than God is change. Change is unavoidable. I needed and wanted to make change. If you aren’t receptive to that than weight loss won’t happen. You have to sacrifice. we have to tell ourselves no. we have to change our mindset. We get to change our favorite foods. It’s an opportunity to put ourselves and our bodies first instead of our selfish desires. It feels good.

So that is my update for this month. Nothing that I probably haven’t said before but still wanted to update you all. I will for sure post pictures next month Before and afters. It will be AMAZING! and I am glad to be on this side of it.

I hope you all have an amazing day! If any of you have any questions …feel free to contact me. I don’t mind sharing about my journey at all or helping someone else along the way.







16 thoughts on “Month 12 of Weight Loss Journey

  1. Hello Dear One,
    wow what a wild ride this past year. You came out on top
    I am so proud of you, and so are a lot of other people.
    I hate taking pics and shopping is still hard I tend to head to
    the women’s clothing thinking that is where I still belong.
    Mom is always trying to redirect me .
    Take care Will be waiting to hear about this next month
    Love Patricia

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thank you for always encouraging and loving me along the way. I truly appreciate it. love to you!

  2. Charisma, I hope and pray that you get to the point where you can see the beauty of “you” the way the rest of us do. You are not only the Bride of Christ but you are so valuable, inspiring and talented to so many in your sphere of influence. Beauty and value are not just about looks and features, you know it is so much more. I love that you are becoming more aware of so many aspects of what makes up your life and your joy. Hang on tight to those, they are truth.
    I have one suggestion for your family – require everyone to start their own medical savings account that they have to contribute to, according to their age and ability, because they will need it! The refusal to associate their habits with their health should not be without cost. Just a thought. I have the greatest respect and admiration for you as an artist and on your personal journey. You Rock!

    1. Hi Jill,
      Thank you for following along and for always articulating yourself in such a beautiful way! I love the language you use and the way you shine your light. It’s beautiful. I think your idea is great…I think many adults could use this strategy & philosophy as well. I am going to lead by example and hopefully they will be lead to the truth of their actions & behaviors by their own refining process. Sometimes that just how it has to work. Many blessings to you my friend. Thank you for the encouraging words and love.

  3. I agree with Jill, you are a beautiful person and I wish you could see yourself the way we all do. I’m so proud of you and your success. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your progress….the good and the not so good. I’m very proud of you. You truly are inspirational. Most people would give up…not you and I admire you for that. Change is frightening for some….imagine your family that isn’t supporting you are just afraid under the surface. Afraid of losing you, etc. I’m praying for you and them so they can be helpful and supportive.

    1. Hi Debby, Thanks you so much for the prayers. We all need them. 🙂 Let me know if you need any help from me. 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing; I still struggle so. I get NO help here so as Im weak I just go along for the ride to McDonalds etc. Any junk that’s fast is what my hubby wants. Needless to say, beating a sugar habit is my 40 year vice. I cannot exercise even lightly in fact I am now using a walker. None of this helps but mostly it is sodas that keep me tethered to ‘I will start Monday’ diet routine. I am so proud of what you have done for yourself. Don’t go backwards!! Twice I lost 50 lbs only to have the next family crisis turn my resolve around. Take care and enjoy your success.

    1. Hi Linda, I know exactly how you feel and I know that you are surrounded by a loving family ..even if they don’t understand our struggles. It’s difficult. Take it one day at a time. small choices over time create the biggest change. I am soda free for a year…..that was a huge thing.

      many blessings.

  6. It is very common to be the only Health conscious individual in a family. I try to fill bake good with veggies and lower the sugar content in recipes. I fill my soups with veggies, and always have veggie casserole emergency food in the fridge each week.
    However that being said, you have truly climbed and conquered a mountain. I am not where you are, but you are a shining example to me. I am so happy about how you are nourishing and taking care of your physical and emotional self so you can help and bring happiness to your family and others. Keep up the great work you are accomplishing Kathleen

    1. Thank You, Kathleen.
      I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers. I know the difficult path. thank you for your kindness. blessings

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