Mondays….What’s holding you back today?

Well I am reading this book…it’s one of those books i have been looking at for a couple years….waiting. Waiting for school to end, waiting for time to stand still so I could have time to read an enjoyable book. A book that is just because “I want too” kind of a book.

Currently, I have four books on my night stand I read from them everyday.

My Bible ( of course)

Don’t sweat the small stuff ( I am pretty sure I read this before..but I think everyone should own this book and just continually read it)

Making peace with your past (which is written from a Christian perspective)

Live is a verb by Patti Digh. I looked up her blog yesterday ( it’s on my sidebar)

I love this book cause it’s kind of like having homework. remember I am a “star chart kid” The type that likes assignments, homework and seeing progress….I know it’s a bad/good thing. LOL


Anyway, I read this every night and I read the assignment but I haven’t been doing them. I am kind of burned out on homework at the moment but I get why they are worthy…so Im thinking after I read through it I will go through it again and pick assignments that I think will stretch me. But in all honesty you don’t have to do the assignments to find the bits of wisdom in the pages. There are wonderful quotes and stories’s really like reading a blog…which I know i love to do.

Anyway one of the tasks is to “Wear Pink Glasses”…she tells a lovely story of a very intelligent woman who had been through so much in her life ( I don’t want to give it away)…The author was on a trip with this woman I imagine soaking up so much from her on their trip. They happened to spend some time shopping and the older woman needed some reading glasses. The manly, thick, black glasses that she usually wore were broken and she needed a new pair of those dime store glasses. When the younger woman urged her to try on the bright pink glasses …she smiled and took them off as if she couldn’t really be taken seriously wearing those glasses. In the end the younger women bought them later and sent them to her with a letter. Moral of the story “Always wear the PINK glasses”


What keeps us from doing things we love..or that makes us feel good?

I am Christian Woman and what I hear from other condemning Christians is that we have to act a certain way, we have to love a certain way….we have to do this or do that? Even within my own small town a pastor was receiving trouble because his teen age daughters had streaked their hair?? What is that business?? How many men and women dye their hair? my own Pastor had a poor dye job this last summer he joked about it in front of the congregation. I am thankful my church isn’t like that at all…It’s a come as you are church..purple hair, green skin..who cares? We love ya!

I happen to love glitter…I wear glitter make up….I wear flowers in my hair..gaudy jewelry and bright scarves..I LOVE PINK everything. I always have. I even wrote a blog entry years ago about how I hate glitter haters…LOL ( that was for you Courtney!) (P.S. I don’t really hate glitter haters..I just don’t understand how anyone could hate glitter…so I will just love you all until you are converted..what’s holding you back?? Talk to me!). But you know it wasn’t until a few years ago (circa 2000’s) that I would even consider wearing such bright, gaudy things..all my jewelry was simple ( it had to be I could only afford simple..LOL)…I wouldn’t have worn fancy hats or flowers in my hair because I wouldn’t allow myself to express myself in that manner….There was even a time in my life I wouldn’t swim ..because I felt I was to fat to wear a swim suit. I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my whole life..but I will put on a suit and go down a water slide…why? Because I decided a little chub isn’t going to stop me from living life, spending time with my family or having fun. That’s me fat and all! Wearing the glitter, the fancy scarves and the flowers in my hair…Well they just make me happy, I feel feminine, and pretty. I have visions of myself in the nursing home…with my faux fur scarves (That I probably knitted) and my feather boa…gaudy shell purse and rhinestones earrings…the glitter embedded in the fold of my eyelids… frosty pink lipstick..and a quilted bag on my walker! I will probably be hideous…but GUESS WHAT???!! I won’t care! I will be happy, I will have a smile on my face dentures or not and I will be happy with what I have, who I love and whatever my purpose for the time will be. So not only should I wear the PINK glasses..I should wear them while i can still see…I should continue to be me ..who cares if glitter is out of style..right??

So now that you have all read this …when I do get to that stage you will all know that I shouldn’t be committed if I do happen to start wearing a feather boa….it’s actually what I strove to accomplish on a daily basis..LOL


Tonight was bible study night. Great night, lots of learning. I did read my proverbs this week 4-6. It was a lot of talk about adultery….what I didn’t realize was how many people have been affected by this. I am truly sorry for this. Whatever side you have been seems many of us have…..My heart aches for you if you are going through that type of pain now. I will pray for you.

Tomorrow is a work day…LOL I am getting a lot of work done..and I see there is a light ..I keep saying that..I honestly think within a few weeks I will be writing on this very blog that I am caught up….Raise you hand if you think it’s possible???? Anyone, anyone..Beuller? Since February I have been whining about being behind..could it be happening? YES!! I am hoping I can go into the new year with a fresh slate. Blessings to all of you!

So I want to leave you with some quotes that I got from the book “life is a verb”

“When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life” Albert F. Geoffrey

I Love this next one because it’s so true!

When you possess light within, You see it externally. Anais Nin

Thank you Jesus! He is my LIGHT! I love that he lives inside me so I can recognize his light everywhere else!

Have a blessed night!




7 thoughts on “Mondays….What’s holding you back today?

  1. Funny you should mention that – I was looking at feathers for my hair just the other day! Maybe I’ll go look at ’em again & do something about it!! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Oh Karin! I love feathers! My girls want them too! I was thinking of getting them a kit for Christmas. Do it! It will make you smile!

  3. You are my kinda women………”When I Am Old I will Wear Purple”. Bring on the glitter,the boa’s,the feathers…Love the big jewelry. If they can have the red hat club…we can have the boa’s,the feathers etc…. Lets just let our light shine.

  4. Oh C,
    I got so carried away there I forgot to tell you,the quilt will be mailed tomorrow. Also Sheila asked me to ask you if you received her last quilt…I think it was one with skulls on it. She wanted to make sure you got it. I have been up til 11pm the last two nights so that I could get it finished and then I had to be up at 3am to get ready for work……I am beat and my DIL is coming over to bake cookies tomorrow. Is it Cole who will be quilting it? I have decided to bind it myself. We are going to have a binding and pillow case day to try to finish up all our gifts. I love Christmas but it sure is tiring when you are trying to make most of your presents. Have a great day. After Christmas you will be getting a twin size and a breast cancer quilt…not sure what size the breast cancer one will be…probably between twin and full.Just wanted to get on the schedule. Then guess what I am making myself something. Huggs Judy

  5. Judy….YOu should make yourself something! After I made something for everyone else..I started making things i it’s hard for me not to make myself stuff….LOL

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