Monday Night Bible Study Night

So I have been part of Women’s bible study in this particular group since June..I feel like I have been a part of them for years. I was part of another group for several kind of dissipated for some reason…and I loved them just as much.
One of the gals tonight was talking about how she has a hard time reading her bible. She believes..and another gal piped up to say that for the longest time she didn’t understand it either because she felt like the time or era of the bible didn’t apply to us in the current times. I remember telling a youth group leader that in the seventh grade. But What I realized a long time ago is that Human condition is the same now as it was 2000 years ago …We all suffer the same afflictions David did as he was writing the psalms. No matter what we are going through (now) there is something in the bible to help us get through what we are going through…right?
Pretty Amazing! It just shows us that God knows so much about us ….he knew everything that, that handbook (The Holy Bible) would need to help us along the way. It is discounted to much! We need to read it. So we finished up Psalms tonight….and we are going through Proverbs next. 3 proverbs a week …so this week chapters 1-3. For anyone that needs to follow along.

I read from a couple different versions…so I have a better picture. But one of my bibles is a study version …I gain so much insight from the study guides they have for the verses.

So while going through our studies tonight…I read a passage and I just LOVED it….it says everything I have been saying for this last year…and I had never read it before.
Psalms Chapter 147 verse 10-11 (NLT)
He takes no pleasure in the strength of a horse or in human might
No, the Lord’s delight is in those who fear him, Those who put their hope in his unfailing love.

The study guide under these verses say this:
We may spend a lot of effort trying to sharpen our skills or become physically fit. There is nothing wrong with doing so, in fact, our gifts can be used to glorify God. But when we use our gifts with no regard for God, they are indeed worth little. It is our honor and trust that God desires. When he has those, then he will use our gifts and strengths in ways far greater than we can imagine.

WOW!!!! How amazing is that?!!! I have believed that for the last year! I give God the credit for everything I have…for my quilting gift…the way in which I relate to people..the way in which he protects me…in more ways than I can imagine. God Is fully invested in me….and he is working miracles in my life every minute of everyday….I see it so clearly…even when I can’t…I know. So…. more confirmation. God is good all the time! AMEN!

For the People who want to study proverbs with me how do you want to work this out…exchange emails…we could get on a chat? Maybe in quilt connect?
I am up for anything just let me know.
I am excited to share in this with any of you.

As far as today…I finished some quilts, had lunch with my dear friend, made an AWESOME dinner for my family. Bryce started working on his UFO quilt, Carl pinned one on the frame to quilt….Rob got the second coat of paint in our room..I am LOVING the color. Clarissa went into our room after school and sat on our bed..and said “mom I really like this custard color” LOL I know..I do too. It’s really pretty and sunny and it will go with just about any color of quilt I want to put on my bed…which is even better! YAY! So tomorrow will be another day of painting trim and doors and we can start setting everything back up again. Which will be nice…I keep going into my bedroom to change clothes and then realize my clothes are in the livingroom. LOL. I can’t find anything.
Only a couple more days..and things will mostly be put back together. Hopefully.

Do you remember that movie from the 1980’s called “money pit?” …2 weeks…2 weeks…2 weeks.
LOL yeah. well forget that!

I also spent some time at the Fabric Patch today..OMGoodness! They have some cute stuff in from market and new lines of fabric….I didn’t buy anything…nice control there. But I did get some red snappers. It’s a new way in which to load quilts….I need to figure out how to get my leaders sewn and try them out…so we will see…I think I can’t try them out until January..I don’t have time to mess with learning something new at this point. But the girls at The Patch really like this system….so they gave me a complimentary set to try out. I hope I do like it because it seems like it would be faster ..lets face it….if I can load a quilt faster that means I can quilt more…am I right?

Well I hope you all have a blessed night.

2 thoughts on “Monday Night Bible Study Night

  1. I am enjoying your blog. Just found it yesterday.
    I use leader grips for loading my quilts, which is probably the same type product as the red snapper. I totally LOVE mine!! It saves so much time!!

    I would like to join you in the study of Proverbs! Email is probably the best way. I need to check out Quilt Connect, have not been there yet.

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