Monday Morning

Well I knew it was going to be a rough day for us. Mondays are difficult for most…but particularly after 2 weeks of vacation for my family. We didn’t prepare for the early mornings. Rob has to be up at 5 am …and he’s been staying up til midnight every night. Usually he turns into a pumpkin by 8:30pm. LOL So I know his morning was difficult.

As much as everybody will be cranky tonight I am also happy to be in a routine again. It’s better for me. Plus the kids were getting cabin fever. It’s not cold so much…but there just isn’t a lot of things for teenagers to do without costing an arm & a leg and I won’t let them just “hang-out” with nothing planned. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop…don’t ya know. Sunday nights we play board games as a family. I get them tons of chocolate whatever. This is very important to Clarissa …so she usually keeps us all on track to play. The teenagers could care less if we play or not……but the whole time we play they laugh and poke fun at everyone. It’s funny but also wears me out. LOL

Last night I was sitting next to one of my boys that is a texter, snap chatter ect. I am just sick of those things. Not because of them…..I am sure praying my boys aren’t filling other people’s in-boxes with the crap they get in theirs. While sitting there..I heard the phone ding-> I lift it up and says there is a snapchat from aย  specific (yucky) girl. I open it and it’s not what I would like to see. There was no nudity …..but there areas being photographed are strategically staged. So I show everyone at the table….and I made aย  not so nice comment about the caption & her photo. I am sick of this girl. She floods my boys’ inboxes with crap. The thing is….she is just desperate for attention. She doesn’t want to date them (thank GOD)..she just wants to fill their heads with images of her. I told them all if this is the type of person they want in their “inbox” I can’t trust their judgements and I will keep that in the back of my mind anytime they want to go out and do something without a parent. Here’s the problem…..she’s one of many. I know this particular girl and her family (UGH!). It would do no good to talk to her parents. Their daughter’s popularity is far more important to them than her purity. My boys are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But I have a pretty good handle on them. It’s pretty difficult when Girls are not raised to value themselves and hurl themselves as any guy that comes along. I am seriously going to have some issues with the girls that come around here. My boys had better choose wisely …that’s all I have to say about that. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I did find this on FB though I would share: haha! Rules for dating my son

I am working on my budget stuff again. We have dentist bills for the next several months …I didn’t account for those. So I have to re-work everything. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s OK I enjoy a challenge. I also bought a few bountiful baskets this afternoon. I heard the bread was really good. So I ordered some of that too.ย Downton Abbey

Other good news Downton Abbey started last night. I did not watch it, yet. I recorded it. But I did pre-order season 4 it should be here the first week in February. Sunday is Game night with my family….and it was to late to start it by the time we were finished. So I can’t hear or see anything about it yet…..I am in love with that show. ๐Ÿ™‚

However I did watch the season finale of “Breaking The Faith.” I have to say that I really have a soft spot in my heart for those kids. I kind of got teary eyed.ย  Matt is a young guy that is warren jeff’s (I am not capitalizing his name…yuck!) nephew. His father is actually running the compound right now. Matt was part of the “God squad.” You would have to watch the show to know what all of this means.ย  But Matt is thinking of joining the military. So they set him up with a military man to “test” him. Basically just let him see if he has what it takes. At the end of their session this military man gives Matt a hug and tells him he is proud of him. He tells him he loves him. Matt has never experienced a man treating him that way …and he chokes up. It is really touching. At the heart of all of this is just some kids that really need “Real” love from people who genuinely care. I am hoping there is a follow up with this show…and that they take people out one by one and save them from the horror that they experience day in & day out. It’s very disturbing. Tomorrow the premiere of “Escaping the Prophet” starts and I will also be watching that one. Flora Jessop is helping people escape the FLDS compound. I think one of the episodes was taped here last summer. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not sure why I find all of this fascinating? But it is.

Well I must get back to work…..Quilts arย  coming in and I need to get back on track. Have a great week! Pictures will be coming in tomorrow’s post! YAY!









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