Molly’s Kaffe Quilt

Dotty from NYC has sent me countless quilts…I can’t even tell you how many…she always uses the best fabrics…and very prolific for a new quilter.
Well now her daughter Molly has taken up quilting and Dotty calls her a “Stash Buster” which I think is a lovely nick name …..don’t you? How generous of dotty to share her Kaffe fabrics with her daughter..I hardly let myself cut into my own Kaffe fabrics unless its for a special project…I love them so much. LOL Then if my LQS still has the same print available..I will go buy it and replace what was in my stash if I used it…horrible right?

Anyway…here is Molly’s lovely quilt…I think she showcased all of these fabrics in a nice way…

Brianna quilted this quilt…Dotty likes simple border designs…so she did loops to fill in the whole border and then basted the corners down…because she outlined the birds in the cornerstones. The center has many bubble flowers which are ADORABLE!

Thanks ladies!

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