Modern Tree Skirt

250Pam sent this tree skirt …and in true fashion she made it for one of her kids…and does she have one for herself? LOL No. Here’s a secret….I don’t have one of my own either ..but I have made them for others…I have all of the stuff to make my own…I just never seem to get around to it.


I Loved quilting in all of the white space….so beautiful. But I knew she was going to have to cut into it…so I wanted to keep the center design kind of she wouldn’t be cutting into anything awkward…but the swirl feather around the edges ..just made my heart beat a bit faster…so pretty!

252 253

This makes me want to make my own tree skirt..:)


Thanks Pam! It’s nice to see other people finish their Christmas projects before Christmas..LOL

Happy Holidays!


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