Modern Magic

Deb sent this quilt and She always makes great projects. they make me think out of the box and I suspect that’s why she chooses many of her projects because they make her think outside of the box.

She has never sent anything similar …meaning all of her projects are completely different from one another …so you could never pinpoint her projects …where as my work is identifiable…because everything is bubble gum or sherbet and I have a specific look to my works. Deb doesn’t have that. I like that.

So Deb wanted me to use a variegated thread…and I usually don’t really like variegated threads because it steals the show…but I loved it in this quilt. I thought it would look great and it does.

So as you can see in the pieced areas I quilted an all over swirls and in the black areas I quilted fabulous designs and lines to break up the texture….I was so pleased with this quilt. It just came together and it just makes me proud. LOL sometimes I just burst when an idea comes to fruition the way I wanted it to.

A few more:

The back:

Thank Deb! I love the challenge. I hope the recipient loved your gift! I know I did.

Have a blessed day!


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