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Gretchen is a fabulous modern quilter in my Modern quilt guild. I have only seen a few of her projects and they are all great!



She brought this quit to me and said she wanted something different and modern. She likes more organic designs…..and not just straight lines.

I had to add a few straight lines…because I just had to take advantage of this layout to create that visual interest.



So I quilted in a rectangle that goes diagonally across the quilt and I filled the rest of the background with organic type designs that mimiced designs in the focus fabrics.

031 032 033

It turned out fabulous! I am pretty happy about it. 🙂


Thanks for working with me Gretchen.


I hope you all have a super fabulous day!


3 thoughts on “Modern Logs

  1. Charisma, can I ask you what kind and color of thread you used. I see that maybe you used white on the back and just wondering if you ever run into tension problems when you use a darker thread on the front. What is your opinion on different types of invisible threads? Love your work and you look awesome !
    You’re a great role model for me. Hugs, Ellen

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