Modern Kaffe and Red Squares for Donna

Donna had 2 more lined up for quilting….She pieces for me sometimes and she always does great work! She is a new comer to the Kaffe movement….well newer than me I should say….

110Aren’t these beautiful? I love-love- Kaffe fabrics. and this is the perfect type setting because you get to see all of the fabrics. I think the beautiful thing about Kaffe fabrics is that you can use them as big pieces to see the beautiful fabrics..or you can cut them small because they just become bits of saturated color.


I must admit it’s difficult for me to cut them small though. 🙂

I quilted straight and squiggly lines to keep the modern feel and focus on the fabrics.


Donna is keeping this one for she decided to use up some of her stash for the backing …they are different cuts of kitty fabric. Donna lives with cats and they pretty much rule her house. 🙂


This next one is all different reds with black designs.

128Except there are 3 squares that are brighter than the others….see?

Those have sheep in them. Donna collects sheep and they make surprise visits in some of her quilts.


I quilted swirly feathers and ribbons on this quilt.


It turned out lovely.


Here’s the back:


I will see ya for lunch today Donna! Have a great week everyone!


4 thoughts on “Modern Kaffe and Red Squares for Donna

  1. Wow, the photos of them are way cute! And those sneaky sheep!!! Beautiful quilting Charisma. As always. See you at lunch.

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