Modern GFG and a Round Robin

Carol likes English Paper piecing…I have quilted a few quilts that she has made with this technique. I love her modern spin on all of them. The bright solid colors are so crisp & clean. It just feels so modern. IMG_8597 IMG_8598

I am one of those people that thinks gingham goes with everything…and black & white gingham….it’s classic. If I have B&W gingham ribbon it always gets used first. So I think the gingham frames these all really well. IMG_8599 IMG_8600

The crisp white background helps as well.IMG_8601

Carol really likes all -over quilting because she likes the even feel. But I think all over quilting also makes the quilting secondary and the focus is on the piecing rather than the quilting. Carol also used cotton batting which will shrink up & give the quilt the vintage crinkle look after it’s washed. I can’t say this enough when I am explaining the quilt process to people..but every decision you make along the way with quilting matters.( So if you are a really want your piecing to shine.)From choosing the pattern, colors, type of fabrics, type of batting…type of quilting ect. It all matters. 🙂 Quilting is utility and beauty. 🙂 That’s why it is so special.

The purple backing. This quilt is for Carol’s grand-daughter….*love* I think she will have quite a collection.:)IMG_8602

Carol has also been part of several Round Robin groups I have hosted. This is the latest finish. IN this particular group several of us chose a 30’s theme. I chose a 30’s theme and mine is going to be home soon…..:) It will be my first thirties quilt. Carol asked me to keep this and she would send the batting & backing for all over Charisma Curls. I love round robins. I love how they look….all the hands and interpretations…they travel across many miles…and they certainly have a story to tell. 🙂 It’s special.  IMG_8603


Off the top of my head this quilt has been to WA, Minnesota, Alabama, Iowa, Colorado and Michigan and another place I can’t remember. IMG_8604 IMG_8605 IMG_8606

This quilt also has gingham…yellow. 🙂 I love yellow. Carol wanted this quilt to have no white backgrounds…so she chose the yellow. IMG_8607 IMG_8608 IMG_8609

Thanks Carol. I always love your work! Blessings!


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