Moda’s Modern Building Blocks

So I saw this quilt and I had to jump on the blog train. It’s funny how a quilt can sweep through the blogosphere and capture all of us…I think the first one that I really participated in was “SWOON” Don’t we all love swoon? It comes in tides and we get swept in… much fun!



Well I had a variety of solids and thought I could make this quilt. So I ordered my pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop and had fun. I didn’t particularly stick to all of the colors that the pattern suggested….I just used what I had. I didn’t have red…so I substituted the red with polka dots. 🙂  Can I just say how much I love a good polka dot? Seriously. I love them. I bought this fabric from a quilt shop in Atlanta….and I am not a pre-washer. I have NEVER had a problem buying from quilt shops…however, this fabric bleeds…I found out the hard way. GRRRR. I eliminated all of the browns in my quilt and added purple..which I think the original didn’t have. I seriously love a good sunny yellow…..I had no sunny solid yellow pieces. So I just used the mustard color I had on hand… was a sad day. LOL I think it all worked out well. I really was trying not to use any more patterned fabrics than I had too. That was difficult for me. Always have to challenge myself.



Anywho…..I was so excited to make all of these blocks. I was doing really well with all of my points…feeling pretty proud…..and then I had a few of my small blocks with tons of seems not come out right….I read that a few others were having some difficulties as well. But I can’t figure out if it is my seam allowance or what? I have not adjusted to my *new* machine..I say it like that because it’s a year & half old.  I am taking a scant seam mostly and I need to do a full  quarter inch seam. So it has imperfections…but there is one block that is so off…terribly off. Embarrassingly off. I left it in….so I won’t point it out…. but I just want all of you who think your stuff isn’t perfect enough….I have that problem too. I thought It wouldn’t bother me ….but now I wish I had made a new block. I also had a *design opportunity* with one of the main huge blocks…I set the block wrong…but I actually liked the block it made so I kept it the way it was….a Happy accident. So it’s perfectly imperfect.



From the beginning of my piecing process I knew I was going to quilt it with straight lines. 1 layer of batting. I wanted it to look very modern. There has been discussion in blog lad of whether this is really a “modern” quilt. I think “modern” can be defined by its owner or maker or designer. There are traditional elements ..of course the blocks. But the use of solid fabrics….the varied sizes of blocks….& I topped it off with modern quilting. So mine is indeed modern. I pinned this on Wednesday night before heading to pottery class. I thought for sure it would be a quick quilt I could work on when I got back from class. I am usually up to the wee hours of the morning….and I need something that I don’t need to think about. ( that’s why I only work on my own late at night…to many mistakes can be made when my brain is shut down). Well on my long drive to pottery class…..I had this great idea to quilt the main block with horizontal lines. Because I quilted vertical lines in the rest.

IMG_0934 IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0937



Then on my way back home from pottery class I decided to toss the idea of horizontal lines and custom quilt that HUGE block..because of the 4 corners of the block. I knew, I could quilt in a block in each of those corners…and I chose a block that was in the quilt. There is a few variations of the block. Then I had to make sure all of the rest of the fillers were different to really make them stand out.   I had suddenly wished I had used two layers of batting. **Sigh** what was going to be my simple project ended up being a bit more detailed..took a bunch of time…and I am glad for it. I love the finish.


Doesn’t that star just shine?

IMG_0933Pretty much in love!

So I am glad I hopped on building blocks! pretty fun and kept my interest…which is kind of difficult for a pattern to do. 🙂 Then it kept me awake all hours of the night because I just had to see it finished.

I kind of *heart* those projects. It makes my creative side take over.

Thanks so much for following! I appreciate it!





One thought on “Moda’s Modern Building Blocks

  1. Hi there Charisma, I just had to write after stumbling across your blog when I was doing a search. I just purchased this pattern and the moda fabric. I am making mine solid , close to the original. I love what you did and the quilting is so nice, fits the quilt. I am curious if you had troubles with the piecing of the blocks? You said one was off. I guess your quilt looked good to me. I am now hesitant to cut my fabric if I goof up.
    Thanks of you have time to answer.

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