Mod Vintage Tablecloth

I love Vintage/old tablecloths. I love the patterns and re-purposing them and giving them new life in a form of a quilt. IMG_7816

I have noticed that on a lot of my “vintage” items I love mixing the new with the old. Some purists may not be able to do that as freely as I do that. But I would rather have something I love that gets used than keep it in its original condition sitting around not being used.  Worth depends on use…in my book anyway. None of these have sentimental value to me because i am buying them from yard sales or junk shops. So it’s not sentimental to me until it’s been through the creative process…basically. IMG_7801

When I see them I can see how the designs of older eras really influence the now. Seriously. This tablecloth is decades old and I was able to pull fabric from my stash to compliment it by adding the piano keys.  It took me some digging but I didn’t buy anything. Several of the pieces are Amy Butler….you know my coveted stash that must not mix with any other stash…yes ->that one.

This table cloth wasn’t a perfect square…and the weave was really big. Very stretchy & loose. I couldn’t do much “squareing” but I knew I could manipulate it a bit on the long arm. I also added the border so I could maybe ease in some of the wonkiness. It still isn’t perfect but it works. I also had to add interfacing to the underside of it to stabilize it and add some protection. There are some “iffy’ spots. No holes or anything…but just a few spots that need the extra support to prevent some. I was just going to layer muslin under but decided iron on stabilizer might be better. If I were to get a pucker it would be difficult to pick it out of 3 layers of fabric. Here are some close ups: IMG_7818 IMG_7817

I had a difficult time trying to decide what to quilt. I didn’t want to quilt this to heavily because of the fabric & the wonkiness of the fabric. It would have been pucker city.  So I quilted straight lines and accented each of the center circles. IMG_7802 IMG_7803 IMG_7804

I used two layers of batting to also give it some added stability. When I wash it it will drape fine. IMG_7806

I love the way it finished up…the sunny colors and the mod look to it. IMG_7815 IMG_7814

Here is the back: IMG_7805

I have several more Tablecloths to work on…’s kind of an obsession. 🙂 This is one of my favorites though. 🙂



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