Mocha & Ice Crystals

Marcia sent these quilts….they are beautiful.

I love her use of color. First up is her Mocha quilt:

IMG_2091Isn’t her use of color lovely? I always love a good brown quilt. Honestly, I keep a healthy stash of browns. It seems to be my go-to setting color. (besides white)…I just really love warm colors. I am trying to get into grays and some other colors to expand. 🙂

IMG_2092 IMG_2093

I quilted an all over stipple.

IMG_2094A neutral back:

IMG_2095The second one is Iced Crystals:

IMG_2084Look at all of those blues.

IMG_2089There was so much variety and the use of value is so striking.

I quilted an  all over wind type pattern:

IMG_2085 IMG_2086Great use of fabrics!

IMG_2090 IMG_2089Here’s the back:

IMG_2087 IMG_2088Thanks Marcia! It was a pleasure working with you! I hope you love your quilts.

Many blessings


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