Milky Way



Michael pieced this Milky way quilt. It is all Tula Pink Fabric …….The Prince charming Line. A few years ago when this line came out my LQS had kits made up. The Milky Way pattern is a pattern by Thangles. You can get the pattern Here. 

I have one of these quilts as well….I just have to quilt it. 🙂  I posted it way back then because I had quilted another one…so a few people I know have them because it’s just such a striking pattern and the colors of the kit were just so beautiful. I think that is when many of my friends actually converted to being Tula Fans ( or as now they are called  “Tula Troops”. Prince Charming was the turning point…..I was a fan from the beginning….just sayin!



All of the fabrics are “water” themed…..and the pattern is named Milky way because of the stars….so the background filler I used could represent either….I really wanted those stars to stand out  …so i did use my straight edge ruler to make a square in a square design and used continuous curves to give them all dimension.


It’s so beautiful! This is one of those quilts that just sings…doesn’t it?

IMG_9966 IMG_9967

I have a few more to post for Mike as well….But I knew he was excited about seeing this one….so I had to get it posted. I hope you all have a beautiful day!





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