Midsummer Solstice

IMG_7921Mike put this together. It’s actually called Midsummer Solstice It was designed  by 3DogDesign for a magazine…which I can’t recall right now. The fabrics are by Tula Pink and the same fabrics the designer used for the magazine sample.


The magazine was Love of quilting May/June 2013 issue** Thank you 3DogDesignCo for helping with that info! 🙂IMG_7920

Mike tried to get our friend Donna to piece this for him..she was willing until she realized it was a template quilt. Who would volunteer for that? So Mike took the quilt back and had acrylic templates made from a company for around 12$. They label them and everything…..I can get the info from that company if you all are interested in that service.

****Edited again ***

The company that makes the templates is called “Sunset Seams” they made all of the templates for 12$+ Shipping. You can find their FB page here.



He said it took about 100 hours for the whole process…..but that it wasn’t to difficult. It’s a pretty big quilt….fits my king size bed…but is probably queen size. IMG_7930

I had a difficult time deciding what to quilt…..because the fabrics are bright & beautiful & busy……I run into this problem with my own quilts all of the time…..I want to quilt enough to bring everything out in the design & pattern…..but I don’t want to go all crazy….or lose any part of it. I would like it all to compliment each other.IMG_7929 IMG_7928

Swirls, lines, continuous curves…..I tried to bring out the elements of design. I *heart* the finish.

IMG_7927 IMG_7926

Lighting is bad today..so I had this in 4 different areas trying to get a decent picture of the quilting..playing with light. IMG_7922 IMG_7923

And the back.IMG_7925

So here it is ..Mike’s beautiful work! I am lucky to see it in person and work with Mike. He and I are kindred spirits..I feel like he is a brother and I have known him my whole life.  I am so glad to work with him on several things. We are always laughing & teasing. 🙂 But I mostly feel blessed to know him.

Thanks so much for looking!


OH….This will be the last post of the day….haha! I hate blowing up everyone’s emails…but I have so many finishes this week and I don’t want to make anyone wait to see their pics……so I promise you..no more posts today. Blessings!





2 thoughts on “Midsummer Solstice

  1. Hi Charisma, thanks for the ‘shout-out’. It’s great to see Michael’s quilt finished… and your quilting is inspired. Greetings from Sunny Melbourne, Australia. Cheers, Lisa S.

  2. I am dying to purchase this quilt somewhere. I saw it in the magazine and I love it! I am not a quilter, but could I commission your friend to do another? 🙂 Would he be interested?

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