Midnight Stars

Midnight Stars

Peggy also sent this quilt and she named it Midnight Stars.

It is fun, bright and uses all types of fabrics I also have in my stash. I had it out to study for a couple days…sometimes I really struggle with all over designs..not actually quilting them but when to use them. I mean I think I discount them to often. My mind doesn’t automatically think about using them. I am not sure why..maybe because I didn’t go through the same process that other LAQ did when they got their machines. I didn’t ever use a pantograph..or practice the same way other users have…I immediately went to custom quilting.
But when I saw this quilt and had it out for a couple days I just kept coming back to the all-over swirl because I wanted to keep giving her blocks movement. But the swirl kind of goes with a galaxy theme right? I mean Peggy did name the quilt midnight stars? So then I asked her if that would be alright…she said yes and I had suggested maybe a different design in the black …and I was excited to use the little loops and starts to make them twinkle with Metallic thread. I used Silver metallic thread over the whole quilt and I am in LOVE!
Really Peggy was the perfect person to work with because she let me do my own things she liked all my ideas…and she uses fabric I like & buy…That is a blessing!

Not that it’s not a blessing to get a demanding customer sometimes..LOL ..just saying..THANKS Peggy for being so nice to work with!

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