Metro Thread

OK So I just have to do a plug for this thread.

I am so excited about this thread….why? It’s FABULOUS!

I am not getting paid to plug this or anything…I just like sharing when I find something new.

My friend Char in OK…sent me a bit of a cone she had left. Told me to try it out because she really loves it. It’s embroidery thread….but she uses it for piecing in her DSM and also in her INNOVA. She swears by it….it’s pretty much all she uses.

So I thought …”sure…I’ll check it out.”

I am a fan of glide thread…I have only been using it on my own quilts because it has a really soft sparkly sheen to it…and I was preserving it. I don’t get much access other than on-line and shows. So Char assured me I would love Metro thread..same effect but a fraction of the cost.

Per Char’s instructions..I tightened the tension on the top, loosened my bobbin and it ran like a dream. The particular color she sent me looked like a gold metallic without any of the metallic thread issues. I really *heart* that!

So I placed a HUGE order…it arrived this week. But I wanted to share because I know many people are always inquiring about different threads…..I think this is really the best buy you can get. They have pretty regular sales..and the big cones are 5000 meters..which is pretty huge….so you get lots for your money!

So for you longarmers…I would suggest you try this thread…..and this week they have another special….you can link up here!

great price, great thread!







One thought on “Metro Thread

  1. Thank you Thank you. I ordered the large box of the threads and I love this thread. I am excited for my next days off when I can really get into machine quilting. The thread is so pretty. Thank you again. Its nice to have all those colors of thread and I did not have to take out a loan to buy them all LOL’s. Lori

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