Merle’s First Day Home

Well he is HERE! Our Little er BIG bundle of Gentle Joy. Merle's first day home

So I just kept going back to this dog’s picture. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I kept thinking he would be the perfect dog for our family. I was right.

I needed him to be gentle and loving. I needed him to be a gentle leader to Gracie. IMG_7551 IMG_7553

Rob & I got out of the car. The rescuers opened the door & let him out. He immediately  came up to us and let us pet him. He was very social and easy going.

When we opened our car door he jumped right in. 🙂 Although when we started driving he wanted in the front seat…which made visibility pretty difficult. So I went to the back seat & sat with him. Loved him and cuddled him until we were about halfway home. 🙂 Then we stopped to walk him. We walks well on a leash…no pulling or struggling. IMG_7550

When we arrived home we introduced him to the kids first. He was in his element. Truly. He just lavished in all the love & scratches. Then we brought in Gracie. They sniffed each other. He was completely fine with her. She just kept looking at us like “Who is this?” She would sneak in sniffs when he was being loved. She would circle him and watch him for a little while….He didn’t care. Merle & Gracie day 1

But after while I think she has really warmed up to him. 🙂IMG_7552

Merle is taller & longer than Gracie. But she is fatter. I think he still weighs more than her. But she is just “healthy”. The foster parents said that he was really skinny when he arrived so he wasn’t fed properly. He has gained weight…but needs some more. He is also blind in one eye. The pictures don’t show it well. But one eye does have physical damage. And he is blind in that eye. It’s because as a pup he went through a glass slider and a shard of glass went in his eye. He wasn’t taken care of properly. Poor guy. So our doggie door is  a sliding glass door insert…We are training him to go through it and he is unsure. Which makes complete sense. But he is catching on quick. He also really likes you to pet his eyes. I am sure it’s also a result of his painful experience when he was young. But he just relishes it when you put your fingers over his eyes. I think that is so sweet. The foster parent said he also likes to sleep outside. Which I think is odd for us. So we will see what he does. Here is a picture of Merle & Gracie after the meet & greet & play. They were worn out. Merle & Gracie Sleeping day 1

Merle likes to speak. Hehe. He will do it for a treat…or if you tell him to. The fosters said that if you are his person and you enter the room without acknowledging him he will “speak” to you. He wants you to pet him and greet him. Gracie will just follow you until you acknowledge her. But Merle will “speak” to any of us if we walk past him without a pet. LOL

So far so good.

Merle is now part of our family. 🙂 my heart swells.


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