Merle & Gracie

Just wanted to give you all an update on our Fur-Babies around here.IMG_7661

They are doing really well. After the initial meetings & updates Gracie had to learn who the pack leader was. It was more difficult for her people that for her probably?  She has adjusted pretty quickly and they are best buddies now.IMG_7668 IMG_7667 IMG_7666 IMG_7665

They play & rough house. There is no growling or anything when they play….It is funny to watch them. They are so huge they have to have a lot of space. Gracie hasn’t been able to play like that for some time because Brodie was a much older man and couldn’t compete with her. Merle is nice to her and lets her get some moves in sometimes. 🙂IMG_7675 IMG_7674 IMG_7673 IMG_7672

He is also very nice to her but lets her know when he is in charge. We gave them a bowl full of potato wedges today. He let her eat first….then he barked at her and she immediately backed away and he finished the rest. There was no anger… growling. Just a “Hey, it’s my turn now” and they seem to be sharing well. He will also let her get all the first pets and ear scratches then he will come in for his. 🙂 I just knew he was the perfect fit for her & us. She needed a gentle leader and so far that is what he has been. IMG_7657 IMG_7658 IMG_7659

Merle absolutely loves  to have his belly rubbed. When we rolls over and gets his belly rubbed this is the smile on his face….and it just cracks me up. SO CUTE! IMG_7671 IMG_7670 IMG_7669

They also love to give kisses. Rob will say “Give kisses” and they will both come up and grab a  cheek. LOL I am not a fan of having dog slobber on my face…but I think it’s cute that they will do that to Rob. hehe. IMG_7652 IMG_7650

We always laugh at the way they stretch out or lay…They are so huge…and Gracie has always laid in funny positions. IMG_7648 IMG_7649 IMG_7647

So I am really happy with our decision to adopt him. It’s been a really good experience. It’s like he has been here our whole lives. IMG_7645IMG_7660IMG_7664

As much work as these pets are….it’s so worth it for all the love they offer us. 🙂



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