Memory Quilt

Debbie sent this quilt. IMG_4937

It’s a gift to her friend to celebrate (50 years of marriage…I believe). Poor Debbie has had a lot going on and she is late getting this done..the party is long past. Isn’t that the way it goes for us quilters sometimes? I mean I have my daughter’s graduation quilt finished..yet I am debating whether or not to give it to her…..the first time I have something done ahead of time…and now this? Otherwise I would normally be putting the binding and label on 10 minutes before she were to open her gifts..that’s how I normally do things. IMG_4939 IMG_4938

Debbie chose beautiful fabrics and a great pattern. I think it’s a beautiful memory and gift!IMG_4940

Thanks Debbie! Its my pleasure to help bring this quilt to life!


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