Memories of Stephanie

033Beth ( my binder) My friend has been going through a trials and tribulations. I won’t go into the details….( they are coming through the other side and the truth is on their side) and during all of this her only child graduated.


Beth has made picture(memory) quilts for everyone around her for all of these years. She really wanted one for her own daughter and just didn’t have it in her to make one due to the circumstances. So she enlisted my help. I felt terrible because I also had a child graduating and my own family trials that has me with less time than normal. So I asked my friends to help me…Jenn stepped up and she said she would sew the top together for me. THANK YOU JENN!!

026 027 028

I printed out all of the pics..gathered fabrics and handed them off to Jenn. Jenn sewed it all together handed it back to me and I quilted it.

031 032

As you can see I included tons of different textures and had fun with all of those frames. I was excited about the finish. After my part i handed it off to Beth for binding and it was finished in time for Stephie’s graduation party. All of us worked together to make a wish come true and provide comfort for a family that deserves to have some peace.

025It’s a blessing to know all of you ladies and to share life with you.

Here is the back:


Many blessings to Stephanie’s future!

Blessing to all of you today as well!


One thought on “Memories of Stephanie

  1. Isn’t it wonderful that quilters have such caring hearts? I think you and your loving friends should get a few jewels in your crown for all your love. I know I cherish the little quilt you all made for me when I was recovering from heart surgery. It meant so much that someone I never have met in person would care so much and be so kind, and so thoughtful .
    This quilt is so beautiful and I love it, not only for the beauty, but the love that went into it. I pray that all difficulties are peacefully resolved and enjoyment is abundant for everyone.

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