Marmalade Flower Girl

This was so fun to quilt. It makes me want to get mine out & get it quilted.

After I showed my completed top ( made by Donna) Joni went and bought a kit of the same quilt. The line of fabric and Patter is by Camille Roskelly. *LOVE*

I had fun quilting it and love the modern flowers. IMG_8993

I have a bit to much sunlight. I am not timing these photos right lately. To much sun or not enough. IMG_8994 IMG_8995 IMG_8996

Flowers, back & forth lines, bubbles within bubbles, leaves and continuous curves….a great recipe! IMG_8997

Here is a blurry photo in better lighting so you can kind of see the quilting a bit better. IMG_8998

Thanks Joni! Beautiful projects…as always!

Love working with you!




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