Marmalade Flower Girl Quilted

So awhile back I shared a favorite quilt of mine. I bought the kit as soon as it was available … shop didn’t carry the marmalade line of fabric….so I had to wait to purchase it at a show.  YAY! I actually have 2 quilts from this line because I loved it so much.




Donna my dear friend pieced it for me…..we trade quilting &  piecing, quilting & lunch…you know……that’s what friends do. So it sat in my bin for a little while….and I quilted one from Joni….and decided I would quilt my own the same way…..:) I guess I could have done something different…I thought maybe I should…but in the end…I liked not having to think about it.  I need to quit trying to out do myself …sometimes. I mean in reality this is my own quilt……so I just need to like it myself. I also like to relax sometimes. 🙂


IMG_9984 IMG_9985 IMG_9986

I tried to get a picture that didn’t focus to much on teh quilting…but the lighting still isn’t right…so the colors are off.


But you can see the flower blocks. SO pretty!

I also used flannel from my stash for the backing.





Thanks so much for looking! It’s already off to get binding!


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