Market Part 4

Well part of the fun is all of the booths…Who am I kidding…that is ALL of the fun! Seeing all of the creative booths..I took these pictures the first day…but they didn’t announce the winners of the booth contest until Saturday….I thought Heather Bailey’s booth was so pretty…and creative..she actually won a ribbon. IMG_5131


Honestly it was the reason I took out my camera…..I loved her embroidered wall. IMG_5132

Sometimes I took pictures just because I liked the colors.IMG_5160


Or an Idea: IMG_5162


Loved this luggage!

IMG_5147Loved the simplicity of this…and the colors. IMG_5148 IMG_5149IMG_5150


I got a picture of this booth because I follow Jeni Bakers blog and wanted to capture it….she is sweet….I told her she didn’t have to be in the picture..cause none of us really like being in the pic. IMG_5146


I took a picture of this quilt because i liked it…there is no pattern yet… she hasn’t even finished it…but i think it represents many of us quilters..we always have UFO’s and we share them anyway.IMG_5152


Sometimes its just something that makes you happy when you see it.IMG_5154


I also wanted a reminder of a book I wanted to get because I loved all of her projects….It’s a Christmas book….in a modern style. very cute!IMG_5156


I took this because I loved her booth….and my shop doesn’t ever order her fabric. she also won a ribbon…beautiful!IMG_5166

I took this picture for quilty inspiration..isn’t it cute?



and also this one:IMG_5215 IMG_5216

and this one:IMG_5189


I saw this design on several and thought I should capture because i really loved the movement it created…but I have no idea who actually quilted them? I just wanted to save it for when I can actually try the design myself….I would totally give credit where credit is due…

There were plenty of traditional booths…but it seems my local shop gravitates towards that alot….and so do many other shops…..naturally my eye is going to gravitate towards bright, fresh, fun and modern type booths and fabrics.

Please leave a comment on this post and I will draw a winner for lots of prizes I got at market! Tell me what your favorite style is?






10 thoughts on “Market Part 4

  1. I am responding because you didn’t bring anything home for me. No Arby’s or anything. I think my favorite style is the post modern wratcheting Arabian style.

  2. HAHA – Rob, your prize is right where she always is – in the quilting studio or at her computer! And I *know* that SHE’S your very favorite style!!

    On the other hand, I think I’m partial to updated traditional…that make sense? I love the colors, as do you. I especially like the softer colors, birds & flowers, sprinkled among stars. For some reason, tho, I could never really get into the totally scrappy ones…I like scrappy with a plan, or maybe with lots of solid areas to show off your beautiful stitching!

    Hugs to ya!

  3. Hi C….love looking at your photos….wow that embroidered wall sure is something….and the last quilt talked to me…i love it…..think I might try and do something like that….thank you so much for sharing…..sure wish I could have gone to Market. I think there aren`t very many styles that I don`t like…I know I`ll never a bargello lol but I love vintage quilts as much as modern ones. take care and ty!!!

  4. My style used to be traditional florals, however, more and more I am liking the new, more modern styles – Tula Pink, Angela Walters, Amanda Murphy, etc. Thank you for posting your pictures of market.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all of your photos from the Quilt Market – having you share your photos and stories is the next best thing to being there! Heather Bailey`s booth is so wonderful- I have to ask- Was that large panel really embroider with some type of thread? I know that my style has changed since I have started quilting, I really love the modern style with all of the negative space that my favorite long arm quilter can get creative with. Thanks again! Laura

  6. Wow I love all your pictures. Lots of creative idea’s. I really am drawn to the quilting on the last quilt pictured. It could look like wood grain or water or wind blowing. ..its very pleasing to the eye. Thanks for all the eye candy

  7. Thank you so much for the pics of the booths. I really like the refreshing look of the Christmas booth. I used to like the traditional type quilts and now I am leaning towards newer modern styles and fabrics. I love the 3-D butterflys. Glad you were able to make Market what fun it must have been.

  8. Thank-you for all the pictures of market that you have posted, it is fun for us to see that didn’t attend market. I considered myself more of a traditionalist, but I do like bright colors, and I am always excited to see and learn a new technique. It always amazes me at how creative some people are, thanks for all the sharing that you do.

  9. wow looks like you had a lot of fun wish I could go to market some day. I used to like very traditional prints (moda Kansas troubles) but now I’m leaning more toward traditional modern ( traditional patterns with modern colours). I have been having fun with some of the more graphic patterns and have been designing a few as well. one of the quilts that I made from your scraps was my first try at a modern quilt so hope you like it.

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