Mariners Compass

Guyla likes this pattern…I have quilted another one for her before. IMG_5681

She made this as a gift to a friend who is retiring from the Navy. Pretty fitting right? Perfect. IMG_5680 IMG_5679

This is a giant at KING size and I had fun quilting it….the pictures don’t show the quilting very well. But I made water and swirl design in the blue…..swirls in the green. I of course quilted the mariners compass with several designs to just bring out the work that Guyla already did. IMG_5678 IMG_5677

Beautiful Work! It’s always a pleasure to work with you Guyla! I hope your gift is well loved!IMG_5676 IMG_5675

The back is all white….and shows quilting very well.IMG_5683 IMG_5682




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